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Forced to Trade Silks for a Scrub Brush! Can Katherine rise again to reclaim Jonas' love?

Dark, disturbing, yet gripping and riveting. 1st book of the #1 bestselling Thalia series!

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Powerful kings. Dirty-talking princes. Insatiable dukes.

Sizzling Suspense, Swirl of Supernatural, Spark of Romance (Chanticleer Review~ Best Book)

As she discovers the true power of freedom, he discovers he's lost his heart.

A strange encounter. A night of extraordinary passion. Resulting in His Eternal Promise.

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They're the key to both her heart & to reversing the evil spell that poisons the Hollow.

Barrel Proof by Layla Reyne (GLBT - Top Pick)

Secrets, Lies & Revelations by Pamela L. Todd (Romance - Top Pick)

Shared For The First Time by TL Reeve, Sarah Marsh, Nicole Morgan, McKinlay Thomson, Maia Dylan, Liz Adams, Jade Belfry, Elena Kincaid, Bella Settara (Erotic - Top Pick)

Driven to the Limit by Alice Gaines (Erotic - Top Pick)

The Professor and the Bird by Roberta Franklin (Romance - Top Pick)

Hot Valor by Lynn Raye Harris (Romance - Top Pick)

Nevernight by Jay Kristoff (Romance - Top Pick)

The Wright Mistake by K.A. Linde (Romance - Top Pick)

The Man She Knew by Loree Lough (Romance - Top Pick)

Married in Montana by Jane Porter (Romance - Top Pick)

Marjorie Jones
Marjorie Jones (author)
Gender: Female


About Me

Marjorie has been writing professionally for more than 10 years in various capacities and is an award-winning novelist. Nominated twice for the coveted Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award for Best Romance from a Small Press, she currently resides in Utah with her wife and their shared eight natural, step, and elected children. She is the author of Marko Loves His Family, Hope, Hunting Camion and Dance in My Heart from Indie Artist Press as well as several full-length novels.

She writes paranormal romance as Starla Childs.

She writes erotic romance as Raleigh Kincaid.


Refinishing yard sale finds, antiquing, reading, marathon-watching television series on Netflix and Hulu, and karaoke. Of these hobbies, karaoke is the most dangerous.

Authored Books

A Love For All Time
by Raleigh Kincaid; Marjorie Jones

A woman with no face...
A man with no memory...

Plagued by dreams that haunt his nights like a distant memory, Everard D'Auvey, a landed lord and Knight of the Order of St. John, has returned to the Holy Land to defend the city of Bodrum from the...

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Dance in My Heart
by Marjorie Jones

Sticks and stones...

Candice Lincoln is waiting for her big break. Journalism, at least when it comes to war corresponding, is still a man's game. When she's handed a fluff story to cover a group of Native American dancers in the midwest, the last thing she...

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Dawn of Love
by Starla Childs; Marjorie Jones

Fiona would sooner risk the wrath of a legendary beast than submit to the brigands who chase her to the walls of Burgis Keep. There, she finds herself under the protection of the most unlikely guardian. When the rumors of a vampire stalking the halls of the crumbling castle...

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Dawn of Redemption
by Starla Childs; Marjorie Jones

Dimitri, the original Vampyre, has spent five centuries burning in the pits of Hades' underground hell for crimes he has learned to regret. Immortal only because he is a god, not because of his own father's curse, he believes he's as dead as he'll ever get. Until a beautiful...

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by Marjorie Jones

She hasn't slept in weeks. She's losing her mind and her soul to an invisible enemy. She's out of time and she's out of hope. When Elizabeth Baynes travels to New York City for an answer she doesn't really believe is coming, she has a decision to make.


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Hunting Camion
by Raleigh Kincaid; Marjorie Jones

Decades of gene manipulation have left an entire society void of a future...A single step backward may be enough to save the world, but may destroy that which is most important of all.

Camion Drake is a man of honor. A former member of the elite U.S. Navy...

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Loving the Heartland (1 comment)
by Marjorie Jones

Cattle rustling. Guns. Murder.

Kendra Williams has been the sole caretaker of her four
younger siblings since their parents were killed in an
alcohol-related airplane crash when she was only twenty
years old. She has worked her entire...

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My Lady's Will
by Marjorie Jones

Sir William Barnett is a man with no regrets. Or so he would have everyone believe. Orphaned and abandoned as a child, he finds his wit and his prowess with the ladies a convenient cover for his pain. Until he is asked to serve as guardian for Lady Prudence Marlow, a young...

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The Flyer
by Marjorie Jones

Paul Campbell has fought the Turks, the Germans, and the occasional rogue crocodile, and as a confirmed bachelor, veteran of the Great War, and jack-of-all-trades in the rough country of Western Australia, he is free to live the rest of his life in peace. He has only one...

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The Jewel and the Sword
by Marjorie Jones

A sword has been stolen...

Following the ensuing battle with the Earl of Ravenstone's forces, Meghan Douglas tends to the wounds of her father's men, the Laird of Clan Douglas. Among the fallen, she finds a sorely wounded English knight. Though he is an enemy,...

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How do you woo a lady who despises you?

A heart torn apart. Ethan's vigilante plan for justice gets a sexy wrinkle...

One night changes everything, putting their friendship--and their love--on the line.

Sun, surf, sand and Alex--Katie was swept away!

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Can Kaysie have a summer romance with Troy and still remain true to Brian?

Should Jamie trust his heart or watch the woman he loves walk away?Sweet with Heat Romance

Bk #1. Has their unanticipated meeting arrived at the perfect time?

A journal leads her on the adventure of a lifetime...

The SEAL and the botanist come from different worlds, but one rescue links them together.

Intoxication can unleash the beast within a Fae.

A treat for dog lovers! The true heroes save the day in 4 medieval romance adventures.

Bull Rider Series #1. When the season ends, who wins the real prize?

Can a good girl tame a bad boy?

The Heart Won't Forget wounds it's endured nor who inflicted them. And who nurtured it.

Over the Ivy Wall by Rosa Sophia (Romance - Top Pick)

Viktor by Sarah Marsh (Romance - Top Pick)

Third Wave by Zaide Bishop (GLBT - Top Pick)

Rock Star by Stacey Kennedy (Romance - Top Pick)

Delta: Redemption by Cristin Harber (Romance - Top Pick)

A Momentary Marriage by Candace Camp (Romance - Top Pick)

Driven to the Limit by Alice Gaines (Erotic - Top Pick)

After the Dark by Cynthia Eden (Romance - Top Pick)

Erotic Experiments by Katie Allen (Erotic - Top Pick)

Undeniable by Ravenna Tate (Erotic - Top Pick)

Before the Dawn by Cynthia Eden (Romance - Top Pick)

Hero Undercover by Renee Rose, Annabel Joseph, Addison Cain (Erotic - Top Pick)

Catching Faete by Elena Kincaid, Maia Dylan, Sarah Marsh (Erotic - Top Pick)

Stay by Sarina Bowen; Elle Kennedy (Romance - Top Pick)