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Forced to Trade Silks for a Scrub Brush! Can Katherine rise again to reclaim Jonas' love?

His last battle may cost him his heart.

Heart of the Corsairs Series - Book 1

Will corralling Kenzie become Logan's full-time mission?

Welcome to the Mists and Moonrise collection, a new material set of historical romances.

An enchanting baker, magical recipes, and a handsome cop. What's her secret anyway?

A surprisingly magical new series! Nearly 5 stars on Goodreads!

She cannot resist the man behind the mask.

A deep and passionate love is born from the ashes of grief in this stunning romance

Nobody trusts a Warriner... this one doesn't trust himself.

Book 2 of Jake's story

Nobody trusts a Warriner... but she doesn't have a choice. A sexy, new Regency series.

Auctioned to the Spanish Dom by Doris O'Connor (Erotic - Top Pick)

Sunshine and Love by Doris O'Connor (GLBT - Top Pick)

Sold by Doris O'Connor (Erotic - Top Pick)

Over the Ivy Wall by Rosa Sophia (Romance - Top Pick)

His Possession by Tory Richards (Erotic - Top Pick)

The Night Mark by Tiffany Reisz (Romance - Top Pick)

The Devil's Triangle by Catherine Coulter; J.T. Ellison (Romance - Top Pick)

Erotic Experiments by Katie Allen (Erotic - Top Pick)

Mary M. Forbes
Mary M. Forbes (author)
Calgary - The New West
Gender: Female

Website: http://marymforbes.wordpress.c...
Blog: http://marymforbes.wordpress.c...

About Me

Born and bred on western stories by Zane Grey and Louis L'Amour, I grew up in the middle of nowhere Saskatchewan. Although modern life intervened, I soon realized the similarities between my life and North American western past. From riding horses, playing cowboys and Indians with real Indians combined with the scenery of vast, open prairies and endless horizons I was living my dream.

I have never forgotten my past or my love of anything country regardless of where I roam. I presently live in the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains. Travelling over snow-covered, stormy passes or viewing awesome mountain scenery, I now ride a pick-up but my radio still blasts those country tunes that make me feel part of our fascinating North American history.

I belong to the Romance Writer's Association of America and the Alberta Romance Writer's Association and have attended many conventions in both Canada and the USA. I also edit/critique manuscripts. I have published – "Hawk's Gift", "Alberta Wild Rose" "Paradise on the Horizon" all historical romance and - "One Dance with a Stranger", a contemporary romance.

I am an avid reader of all genres. I enjoy the outdoors, history and travelling. My true passions are writing, exploring and researching both in western USA and Canada. I am presently working on a suspense romance - "Seraphim" which I hope to have completed in the spring of 2013.


I enjoy country music, horses, the outdoors, history and travelling and my gigantic family. I like doing crafts sometimes and I often make my own bread - because it's better.

Authored Books

Alberta Wild Rose
by Mary M. Forbes

sheltered Alberta Rose O'Neill thinks everyone's obsession with finding the Lost Lemon Mine is foolish. History has revealed nothing but disaster and misfortune follow anyone who touches this gold. Few people knew where the mine was and even fewer believed it was real so...

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Hawk's Gift
by Mary M. Forbes

Ambitious reporter, Roberta Taylor from the east knows there is no future for her and drifter Damien Larocque. Regardless of how much his exotic looks and playful character tug at her heart-strings, he is Metis. The Metis are the group who threaten to separate from Canada...

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Hawk's Gift (1 review, 2 comment)
by Mary M. Forbes

Happy to roam doing as he pleases, Damien can't understand his fascination with ambitious Roberta Taylor. She reminds him of a cornered wildcat fighting in a game she can't win. Roberta is bewildered by her reaction to Damien's exotic looks and inflated charm. She is...

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Never Pick a Pretty Woman
by Mary M. Forbes

Disillusioned with love, career and life in general, Sophie Donnelly retreats to her childhood home. Back in Crystal Ridge her plan is disrupted by the man next door. Her senses are assaulted by the ruggedly handsome, hard-working Jake. How can she convince him she is...

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One Dance with a Stranger (4 comment)
by Mary M. Forbes

Wade is a country music superstar with a tragic past and an obsession he is determined to fill. Orphaned young, living on the streets, Emily is determined to keep her new stable life at whatever cost.

Throughout each page of this book, share the up and...

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Paradise on the Horizon
by Mary M. Forbes

A rigid soldier has little in common with a Russian Princess. But when Natasha tries to escape her new life, Luke helps her. Instead of returning her to the Doukhobors, he agrees to bring her along with him further into the wilderness. He knows nothing about farming just...

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Falling in love has never been so deadly...

An Alpha wolf too wild for love...

Spend Christmas in July In Mistletoe (Sale $2.99)

6 new stories of love, loss & redemption in a land of infinite promise.

Meet the Bad Boys - Fiercely loyal, sinfully sexy & uber alpha...Indulge your inner vixen!

Book #1. A grieving little boy and two lonely hearts pursue a second chance.

Western Romance. They dare their happily-ever-after to be anything less than "forever."

Is a broken heart a willing heart? New Adult Second Chance Romance

Fun, Flirty & Sweet Romance with a Dash of Heat!

When the heroes have reputations like these, who needs a villain?

Fun, Flirty & Sweet Romance with a Dash of Heat!

Until it Fades by KA Tucker (Romance - Top Pick)

Sold by Doris O'Connor (Erotic - Top Pick)

Jungle Rapture by M.A. Jewell (Erotic - Top Pick)

Rendezvous with Yesterday by Dianne Duvall (Romance - Top Pick)

The Wrong Kind of Compatible by Kadie Scott (Romance - Top Pick)

The Gathering Dusk by Cynthia Eden (Romance - Top Pick)

Temptation by Rosemary Willhide (Erotic - Top Pick)

The Man She Knew by Loree Lough (Romance - Top Pick)

The Devil's Triangle by Catherine Coulter; J.T. Ellison (Romance - Top Pick)

Some Kind of Hero by Suzanne Brockmann (Romance - Top Pick)

Edge of Truth by Brynn Kelly (Romance - Top Pick)

The Professor and the Bird by Roberta Franklin (Romance - Top Pick)

The Star in the Meadow by Carla Kelly (Romance - Top Pick)

Knights of Stone: Mason by Lisa Carlisle (Romance - Top Pick)

Thicker Than Blood by Anne Marie Citro (Romance - Top Pick)

Glitterland by Alexis Hall (GLBT - Top Pick)

Carmel's Choice by Doris O'Connor (GLBT - Top Pick)

The Housewife and the Film Star by Doris O'Connor (Erotic - Top Pick)