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Forced to Trade Silks for a Scrub Brush! Can Katherine rise again to reclaim Jonas' love?

A strange encounter. A night of extraordinary passion. Resulting in His Eternal Promise.

Dark, disturbing, yet gripping and riveting. 1st book of the #1 bestselling Thalia series!

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As she discovers the true power of freedom, he discovers he's lost his heart.

Sizzling Suspense, Swirl of Supernatural, Spark of Romance (Chanticleer Review~ Best Book)

Powerful kings. Dirty-talking princes. Insatiable dukes.

They're the key to both her heart & to reversing the evil spell that poisons the Hollow.

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Rock Star by Stacey Kennedy (Romance - Top Pick)

Worth the Wait by Lori Foster (Romance - Top Pick)

Dark Rooms by Sionna Fox (Erotic - Top Pick)

Revelations of the BIG Mistakes by Roxy Harte (Erotic - Top Pick)

Scorched by Paula Quinn (Romance - Top Pick)

Catching Faete by Elena Kincaid, Maia Dylan, Sarah Marsh (Erotic - Top Pick)

Third Wave by Zaide Bishop (GLBT - Top Pick)

The Widow of Wall Street by Randy Susan Meyers (Romance - Top Pick)

Shared For The First Time by TL Reeve, Sarah Marsh, Nicole Morgan, McKinlay Thomson, Maia Dylan, Liz Adams, Jade Belfry, Elena Kincaid, Bella Settara (Erotic - Top Pick)

After the Dark by Cynthia Eden (Romance - Top Pick)

Alex Strong
Alex Strong (author)
Seattle, WA
Gender: Female


About Me

I live in the Pacific Northwest and absolutely love this area! So much so that it is featured in pretty much everything I write. But I've also had the opportunity to travel and draw from practically every little experience for drawing inspiration. Even if my characters aren't based on someone specific, some of their quirks just might be!
I lived in the Philippines for a couple years as a former Navy Brat, then spent several years growing up in rural Wisconsin in a tiny little town that didn't have a single stop light. But we didn't have to lock our doors either.
I married my older brother's best friend and sometimes I reminisce about the days when we snuck around because we didn't want anyone to know since it was just a fling. That was more than sixteen years ago.


Reading (shocker, I know!)
Watching action movies with hot men in them
Doctor Who
Tom Hardy

Authored Books

A Legal Affair (1 review)
by Alex Strong

Elle Peyton has a successful career and a beautiful four-year old son, what more could she want? Certainly not another man who would only abandon them at the first sign of trouble. She learned that lesson the hard way. Which makes it all the more irritating when Raiden,...

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by Alex Strong

Career on hold and living with her father, life has not gone as Jillian Sandro planned. But she knows it's just another bump in the road and keeps moving forward. When a running accident leads to a chance encounter with an intoxicating and intimidating neighbor, Jillian...

>> Read More

Ghost Lies
by Alex Strong

Sydney Holden has spent the last six months recovering not only from the loss of her fiancé, but also from the discovery that he was working with a major crime syndicate. Not entirely sure she's ready to move on, Sydney takes a chance on the sexy and charming newcomer at...

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Island Runaway
by Alex Strong

Elana Tanner ran away to the island of Kauai to forget that fateful night and its high price, not that she'll ever really forget. It becomes all the more impossible with the unexpected arrival of the wealthy and sexy Kyle Barnett who doesn't know if he can ever forgive her...

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No Way Out
by Alex Strong

On the surface, Clara Morozov leads a posh life. But there's a dark side to it and Clara knows her life is in danger ever second she spends in the prison that is her marriage. With no other way out, Clara approaches the dark brooding agent investigating her husband, hoping...

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The Devil's Game (1 review)
by Alex Strong

The deal was simple. Karina Watson simply had to agree to spend one month with the seductive stranger she knew nothing about, and Damien Bishop would make sure her debt-ridden parents and the rest of her education would be taken care of. Thinking there's no way this man...

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A heart torn apart. Ethan's vigilante plan for justice gets a sexy wrinkle...

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How do you woo a lady who despises you?

Can Kaysie have a summer romance with Troy and still remain true to Brian?

One night changes everything, putting their friendship--and their love--on the line.

3 full standalone series starters - FREE right now.

The Knight's Scarred Maiden by Nicole Locke (Romance - Top Pick)

Before the Dawn by Cynthia Eden (Romance - Top Pick)

Kiss of Forever by Leah Blake (GLBT - Top Pick)

His Human Vessel by Renee Rose (Erotic - Top Pick)

First Fall by Zaide Bishop (Erotic - Top Pick)

Dropout by Carrie Ann Ryan (Romance - Top Pick)

Captive of the Corsairs by Elizabeth Ellen Carter (Romance - Top Pick)

Viktor by Sarah Marsh (Romance - Top Pick)

The Game by Vanessa Fewings (Romance - Top Pick)

Let's Get it On by Doris O'Connor (Erotic - Top Pick)

Paddled By The Teacher by Ravenna Tate (Erotic - Top Pick)

Rock Star by Stacey Kennedy (Romance - Top Pick)

The Sweetest Burn by Jeaniene Frost (Romance - Top Pick)

Unyielding by Ravenna Tate (Erotic - Top Pick)