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Author: Linda Morris
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Release Date: February 2011

Book 1 of Men in Uniform
Book Genre: Action/Adventure Romance, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

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Book Reviewed by Michelle R (reviewer)

[ Review Posted: Feb 26, 2011 ] - See all my reviews
I never left the edge of my seat from the moment I picked up this wildly intense romantic suspense. Sweet one moment, gritty and thrilling the next, I was ducking for cover as the sparks tension and bullets were flying. Romantic suspense lovers definitely need to check this one out.

Lara Crosby just wants a little peace and quiet. The life she built as a political fundraiser has come crashing down around her along with all of her idealism for the political world. She's fled Chicago for her lakeside cabin in Minnesota. Far from her high society parent's failed expectations and those she called ‘friends', she is trying to regroup and rebuild her life.

When the power goes out of her cabin, Lara goes to investigate and discovers Jacob Sumner's car wrapped around her utility pole. He's alive, but he doesn't remember who he is or where he's from.

While gone to treat Jacob's wounds, Lara's home is vandalized. Unfortunately, Lara and Jacob happen upon the burglars before they escaped, and now Jacob and Lara find themselves the targets of some near miss bullets.

The two build a trust and friendship as they both work to solve who is targeting them and why. I love the way Ms Morris used the suspense plot to drive the romantic plot as well. It's that kind of technique and attention that makes Ms Morris stand out. All the tension eventually explodes into an all out frenzy. They were beautiful and raw and unforgettably hot. Oh momma, were there some seriously hot love scenes to enjoy.

I loved the pacing and I felt Ms Morris took the time and care to help us invest in both Lara and Jacob before moving their relationship into a romance. While the search for who was behind the attack was fast paced and gripping, the love story was slow and filled with so much sexual tension I thought I'd combust. I was way more than ready by the time the two were thinking the "love" word.

The ending has a bit of a twist as all my favorite suspense mysteries find a way to work in. It's so good to still be able to be surprised.

This one is sweet, and sexy and full of tons of on the run suspense. It's definitely one to check out. Enjoy!
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