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Kiss A Cowboy
Author: Deanna Lynn Sletten
Publisher: Deanna Lynn Sletten

Release Date: August 2014
ISBN: 9781941212165

Book 1 of Kiss A Cowboy Series
Book Genre: Chick-lit, Contemporary Romance, Western Romance

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Kiss A Cowboy

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Book Reviewed by Angie Just Read... (reviewer)

[ Review Posted: Sep 02, 2014 ] - See all my reviews
She thought she knew what the future held until she broke down on the highway and kissed a cowboy.

Artist Andi Stevens left her old life in Seattle to head cross country to Buffalo, New York, and her career driven fiancé Derek, but she made it no further than Montana before the transmission in her ageing SUV left her stranded and knocking on a stranger's door. And while divorced rancher Luke Brennan was initially less than welcoming, his family more than made up for his surly attitude by immediately making Andi feel right at home, especially since the wait to get parts to repair her vehicle was taking weeks longer than expected.

Luke Brennan wanted nothing to do with another city girl. When he'd had to leave the hustle and bustle of city life behind to take over the running of his family's ranch, his wife Ashley hadn't been able to adapt to rural living in Montana and their love wasn't enough to sustain the marriage. But fighting his attraction to an engaged woman like Andi wasn't as easy as he thought it would be, not when stubborn Andi embraced ranch living and continually challenged him and his preconceived notions about her.

They should have never given in to a budding friendship or shared a forbidden kiss. Learning her fiancé isn't the man she thought he was and finding a certain cowboy is never far from her thoughts leave Andi reassessing her future. As for Luke, finding that Andi fits perfectly into his rural world makes it hard for him to simply let her drive out of his life forever.

KISS A COWBOY was my first experience reading work by indie author Deanna Lynn Sletten, and Ms. Sletten's well-paced and touching story between a cowboy and a city girl thoroughly held my interest from the onset and has definitely won her a new fan. The attraction between Andi and Luke is immediate and unfathomable to both of them, and discovering they have much in common despite their backgrounds makes it just that much harder for them to fight their inexplicable longings for a different future than either of them had foreseen for themselves.

Andi and Luke are both strong characters who exchange barbs that have them appreciating one another's honesty, which naturally leads to them sharing confidences that they normally wouldn't expose. It's this refreshing and open communication that makes this couple so very real to the reader, and Ms. Sletten adeptly uses her nicely developed secondary characters to reveal further nuances of Andi and Luke's characters, while setting the stage for her next romantic installment in the Kiss A Cowboy series, A Kiss for Colt, featuring Luke's shy but gentlemanly younger brother Colt.

If you are looking for a new favorite author who tells a well-written and satisfying romantic tale, give Deanna Lynn Sletten's KISS A COWBOY a try. She'll have you eagerly awaiting more cowboy kisses!
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