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Undercover Heat
Author: Tami Lund
Publisher: Crimson Romance
Release Date: January 2015
ISBN: 9781440588914

Book 2 of Tough Love
Book Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

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Undercover Heat

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Book Reviewed by Delta (reviewer)

[ Review Posted: Mar 28, 2015 ] - See all my reviews
Even though our hero starts out distinctly unlikeable, he quickly becomes a swoonworthy stud as he finally finds the right woman.

FBI Agent Quinn Daniels is an alcoholic asshat. Fellow Agent Kyra Sanders has worked 12 feet away from the pervy slimeball for 6 months and the two have barely spoken. When they're paired up to go undercover as a married couple, neither has any desire to be in close proximity with the other. At least, not that they'll admit out loud.

Quinn secretly wants to find out what's under Kyra's sweet, fresh-faced look, and Kyra can't hide her reaction to his--purely professional--kisses. Their relationship grows closer as their case gets stronger, but with some serious demons in both their pasts, is a future even possible?

Man, does Ms. Lund make it really hard to like Quinn! He drinks too much, is crude, rude and sleeps with whatever looks his way. His development throughout UNDERCOVER HEAT is interesting and thorough, he goes from drunken dog in heat to man in love as he falls hard and fast for Kyra. He battles deep demons that make hers look like child's play in comparison, but he doesn't trivialize them or make her feel bad in any way. He stands by her and in the process becomes a better man.

Kyra takes a while to learn to trust after her last disastrous relationship, and it was interesting to see how she reacted to Whitney (who I strangely enjoyed in an evil villain kind of way). The chemistry between the couple was thick, the sex erotically charged. I didn't realize this was the second book in the Tough Love Series, but I'll definitely be checking out the other offerings now that I know!

Bottom Line: Check out this smart and sexy book featuring MC's with distinctly human sides that make them more lovable.
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please follow me @
[ Posted: 2 years ago ]
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Tami Lund (author)
Thanks for the wonderful review of Undercover Heat! I'm thrilled & honored you enjoyed it!! ~Tami
[ Posted: 2 years ago ]
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  Delta (reviewer)
It was my pleasure, thank you for the opportunity!
[ Posted: 2 years ago ]

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