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A romantic comedy featuring hot guys playing sports, mistaken identity, and a Navy SEAL

"Scottish romance readers will fall in love." --ELIZA KNIGHT, USA Today bestselling author

She'll control the fate of the world. He must protect her. Love's their only chance

A knight to protect her--this Yuletide.

One battle, one outcome. Who will win? Good or evil?

Tempting their best friend has never been so sweet...or delicious

She's a thief. He protects the king. They aren't meant to be together...

All things comes to a head when desire and lust collide in front of the camera...

Can a bitter, distrusting Wyoming rancher overlook and trust the love of a woman who hides

The de Wolfe Pack saga continues...

He only meant to steal one night . . . not win her forever!

Music binds their souls... On pre-order now at $2.99

She will never submit to the man who killed her best matter what destiny says.

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Opening Up
Author: Lauren Dane
Publisher: Forever

Release Date: June 2015
ISBN: 9781455586219

Book 1 of Ink & Chrome
Book Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

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Opening Up

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Book Reviewed by Delta (reviewer)

[ Review Posted: Feb 05, 2016 ] - See all my reviews
WHY, MS. DANE!? Why did this fabulous story have to end? I could have read another 400 pages on Asa and PJ! Five delicious, erotic, smart, funny and all around spectacular stars for OPENING UP!!

Penelope "PJ" Colman has been a troublemaker all her life. A disappointment to her family, PJ has taken off on her own, away from her parents' tire business, to build her own custom painting clientele. When she meets the inked and pierced and hot as sin Asa Barrons, co-owner of Twisted Steel motorcycle shop, she starts to tingle all over…the man is sex incarnate!

Asa is immediately entranced by PJ, but she's way too young and beautiful and naïve to take him as he is. Except she isn't. At all. Asa is repeatedly surprised at exactly how unexpectedly refreshing, smart and decadently gorgeous she is inside and out. He succumbs to their constant flirting and doesn't look back.

Asa, his family and his friends have become PJ's family, since her own father continues to belittle her and call her a failure. Thankfully, Asa has all sorts of kinky techniques to help her forget all about the crappy hand she's been dealt at home. And PJ couldn't love him more for it.

OPENING UP is smart and funny and oh so SO sexy!! This might be one of my favorite books ever, I adored the hysterical dialogue and monologue, particularly from PJ. She was so lovable and gorgeous and irreverent and self-deprecating and sweet and hilarious and I genuinely liked every single thing about her. I so want to be in her inner circle of BFF's and bask in her positivity, creativity and good humor. Asa was just as fabulous, and though I don't dig septum piercings, I could definitely visualize just how magnificent and Alpha male he looked with it. They had the kind of chemistry that great, timeless love stories are written about, and I could not get enough of them. Their interactions made me hot, made me sigh and made me crack up! A few of my favorite interactions:

She bent to kiss him quickly but he caught her lip between his teeth and tugged. "Make yourself come once more and then I'll fuck you."

There were literally zero flaws with that plan.


Asa grinned and she saw the light in his eyes. Noted the gleam. He was hot for her right then and there, and it was probably because he'd just tossed some dude out in the street like trash to protect PJ.

But it didn't offend her sensibilities. Whatever that meant about her, PJ just didn't care. It was hot seeing him be so badass to protect her. She wanted to lick him and thank him and go find that jerk and kick his face and also sleep and maybe have a doughnut.

Sigh. Soooo sexy and funny and sooooo smart!!!! The love scenes were kinky and hard and rough but didn't really stray from BDSM lite. Asa liked control and crops, PJ liked pleasing him and giving as good as she got. They were just about the best book couple ever!!!

I loved the secondary characters too, even as I MF'ed PJ's brother, father and uncle, they were in the minority as everyone else was just fabulous! I am chomping at the proverbial bit to get into Falling Under, the second book in the awesome Ink & Chrome series by the extraordinarily talented Ms. Dane!

Bottom Line: Awesome awesome awesome!!! Get this book now and glory in the fabulousness that is the Ink & Chrome series!!!
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I won book 3 in paperback and I have a few of yours I had to buy book 1 and 2
[ Posted: 1 year ago ]
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