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Rendezvous with Yesterday
Author: Dianne Duvall
Publisher: Dianne Duvall

Release Date: October 2017
ISBN: 9780986417139

Book 2 of The Gifted Ones
Book Genre: Action/Adventure Romance, Fantasy Romance, Historical Romance, Time Travel

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Rendezvous with Yesterday

69 people found the following review helpful

Book Reviewed by Dawn (reviewer)

[ Review Posted: May 17, 2017 ] - See all my reviews
When a trip through time brings you face to face with your true love...

Bethany's day is about to get a whole lot more complicated. After a shoot-out alongside her fellow bounty hunting brother leaves Beth near the edge of death, she wakes to find her injuries healed. But that's not all. She doesn't recognize her surroundings, her brother is missing, and there are four medievally-garbed men on horseback giving her strange looks as she has a melt down in the forest.

Robert has never seen anything like the woman before him. She's dressed in strange clothes, carrying odd items, and speaking English with a foreign accent. She is also desperately seeking some person named "Josh" and continues to refer to him and his men as "reenactment members". Whatever those are... Beth is a mystery that Robert is determined to unravel.

But Beth isn't sure what she should believe since nothing in this new place makes sense. The only instinct she has is to trust Robert, the man who causes her skin to tingle at his touch. And so she clings to him as they travel back to his castle, just another thing that she can't seem to believe is real. Along with the peasants and servants and horse-drawn carts. It's so realistic that Beth is sure she's going mad or being tricked.

When she finally starts to accept the possibility that she's gone back in time, new troubles arise. Robert's enemy and jealous lovers are just a few of the obstacles standing between our couple and their happy ending. Not to mention the potential that Beth's time in the past may not be permanent.

I loved this book! It had pretty much all of my favorite things--medieval times, a kick-ass heroine, a protective hero, magic, and a dash of mayhem. The plot was steadily filled with one twist after another but never felt as if it were too busy. There was plenty of downtime in which to get to know our characters. And there were several of them.

Bethany was a courageous and quick-witted woman who didn't have much of a filter on her mouth. It was amusing to see the reactions of the people around her when she would spout off things they had absolutely no idea about. It took her a while to come to terms with her situation but her budding relationship with Robert was a delight to witness.

Robert was another highlight of the story. He was kind, loyal, and inquisitive. I was surprised by how easily he accepted Beth's odd behavior but I also loved his dedication to her. His men brought a lot of humor to the book, as well. I can't count the number of times I laughed at one of the knights, especially as they marveled over Beth's futuristic items. Hilarious.

In closing...
A fun time-traveling romp in the medieval hay! Five stars!
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