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A knight to protect her--this Yuletide.

"Scottish romance readers will fall in love." --ELIZA KNIGHT, USA Today bestselling author

Can a bitter, distrusting Wyoming rancher overlook and trust the love of a woman who hides

She's a thief. He protects the king. They aren't meant to be together...

The de Wolfe Pack saga continues...

One battle, one outcome. Who will win? Good or evil?

Tempting their best friend has never been so sweet...or delicious

A romantic comedy featuring hot guys playing sports, mistaken identity, and a Navy SEAL

She'll control the fate of the world. He must protect her. Love's their only chance

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She will never submit to the man who killed her best matter what destiny says.

All things comes to a head when desire and lust collide in front of the camera...

He only meant to steal one night . . . not win her forever!

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Captive of the Corsairs
Author: Elizabeth Ellen Carter
Publisher: Dragonblade Publishing

Release Date: July 2017

Book 1 of Heart of the Corsairs
Book Genre: Historical fiction, Historical Novel with Romantic Elements, Historical Romance

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Captive of the Corsairs

40 people found the following review helpful

Book Reviewed by Gabrielle Sally (author,reviewer)

[ Review Posted: Jul 21, 2017 ] - See all my reviews
I might actually say this a bit too much, but I do love a good period piece. The costumes, language and vivid imagery transport me as a reader to a different time and place where there's suspension of all disbelief even if it's only within the pages of the story I'm reading.

Likes: The richness of detail. From the moment we step foot on the Calliope, the details of the ship and as they set sail is gorgeous from the shine of the brass lamps to the crystal goblets casting "blood red shadows across the crisp, white tablecloth." I loved how the couple met and under what circumstances, and then Sophia's unrequited love, at one time or another is every young woman's worst nightmare. The eventual coming together of Kit and Sophia was sweet. I enjoyed the other sailors and officers on the Calliope. And then there's the kidnapping and all that ensues as a result (avoiding spoilers here, but suffice to say, CORSAIRS!, sheiks, sultans, harems, oh my). The story is majestic in its telling as the characters traverse waters leading them away from the people they once were to the ones they are now. Some transitions were for the better, others, well that remains to be seen.

CAPTIVE OF THE CORSAIRS is Book 1 in the Heart of the Corsairs series by Elizabeth Ellen Carter.
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