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All You Need is Love
Author: Cathy Tully
Publisher: Astraea Press
Release Date: June 2012
ISBN: 9781621350521

Book Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy

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All You Need is Love

102 people found the following review helpful

Book Reviewed by CozyReader (reviewer)

[ Review Posted: Oct 14, 2012 ] - See all my reviews
There are two things that I must agree with in ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE. One is that "No one's life should be all work and no play", and the second is "All two people need for a future filled with happiness was love."

Ms. Tully writes a good story that flows well and is full of laughter, emotions and love for the two main characters. From the moment that Jack encountered a little puppy in his condo, you automatically knew that he would fall in love with him. Even though Jack didn't want him and wanted to get rid of him, who could resist a little puppy that just wanted to be cherished and loved? Sure it was funny that it seemed this little pup had a little bladder problem and not only that but he really didn't like being in a moving car. Jack put out an ad to see if anyone would claim him, but after some time, he fell in love with this pup that he named "Little Man". Not only that but the person that he contracted—Caitlyn—helped with walking the pup and training with simple commands like, come, sit and stay. Jack loved her company and he was starting to fall in love with her as time passed by and they started spending lots of time together.

Caitlyn found herself working temporarily as a dog walker while she was taking care of her grandmother. She met Jake at the vet's when she took in her grandmother's dog. She knew that he was a workaholic but something was going on between Little Man and Jack. Caitlyn knew that they were meant for each other. She found herself spending lots of time with Jack, and they even went out on a couple of dates and shared a couple of kisses.

With Caitlyn's family business going under because they were ousted by a bigger coffee corporation, she needed to think about what she wanted to do with her life. However, she didn't think to ask Jack about his career. One day, she saw his paperwork on his table and she felt betrayed. From that day forward, she pulled away from Jack. Jack knew he could not let her slip away, that he loved her and he would find a way to repair whatever was going on.

Ms. Tully did a wonderful job developing this romantic story with such wonderful characters. Especially the puppy that made me smile and giggle so much. It made me want a puppy just like him, fluffy, cuddly and just something to hold and love. Jack and Caitlyn complemented each other beautifully. They had great chemistry and watching them fall in love was a pleasure. As a whole, I enjoyed the book.

I would recommend ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE to readers who enjoy a fun, romantic, heartfelt book.
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