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Finding Home: Brian's Journey
Author: CaSondra Poulsen
Publisher: Ballad Publishing
Release Date: August 2012
ISBN: 1478261293

Book Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Finding Home: Brian's Journey

82 people found the following review helpful

Book Reviewed by CozyReader (reviewer)

[ Review Posted: Dec 01, 2012 ] - See all my reviews
Imagine this. Traveling to an unknown place, knowing that your grandparents and father lived there. Then all of a sudden your method of transportation breaks down but it seems that someone has tampered with it. Who did it? When you finally find out who actually did it, they tell you they did it in order for you to speak to the person who is destined to be yours to love. That is exactly how Brain's journey started.

I have waited for one year, very patiently, to find out exactly what happened to Tom and Samantha and her pregnancy. Then of course there is Brian and Tara. They had reunited at the beach and she accepted his invitation to dinner. I was so happy when I started reading the beginning of FINDING HOME: BRIAN'S JOURNEY to find that it started right where it left off. But I did not read the synopsis and did not realize that Tara was not the main character that was going to be Brian's bride. When I read what happened to her, I cried and hurried to find Ms. Poulsen's website to read the synopsis and found out that Mac would become someone special to Brian. I felt sad, but I still wanted to see how his journey would turn out and see if this time he did things differently.

Brian found himself alone and on a journey to Missouri, but his motorcycle got tampered with and he needed to find somewhere to take it to get it fixed. That is when he meets Mac. As they spend time together, he felt drawn to her but he kept telling himself that she was just a friend. He was only going to be there for about a month, then he needed to go back home and say goodbye to his family before going to Fort Lewis, Washington and deploy again.

Mac knew Brian had demons but would wait to see if he would tell her the real reason. Brian knew that he needed to tell Mac about the woman he loved (Tara), no matter that she was only a friend. Yet, he also finds himself thinking more and more about Mac each day.

When Mac finally opened up about her past, she was afraid that he would not feel the same about her. But when she finished, he still felt drawn to her. It gave her hope, yet the time came for Brian's deployment. Will he make it home alive? As for Brian, would Mac be waiting for him if he had a chance to go home?

FINDING HOME: BRIAN'S JOURNEY is a book I will share with many people. The struggles that Brian goes through are feelings a lot of people go through when they are grieving for someone they love. I couldn't put the book down because I wanted to see him happy and finally have the home, a family he wanted. Ms. Poulsen has a wonderful writing style that hooks you from page one, leaving you wanting to read the whole book in one sitting.

I highly recommend you picking up FINDING HOME: BRIAN'S JOURNEY, but if you have not read Tom and Samantha's story, you need to. It will give you more insights into Brian. I will keep these two books in my library for sometime for I can see myself rereading them again and again.
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