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How to Deceive a Duke
Author: Lecia Cornwall
Publisher: Avon
Release Date: November 2012
ISBN: 9780062202413

Book Genre: Historical Romance

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How to Deceive a Duke

78 people found the following review helpful

Book Reviewed by Ashia (reviewer)

[ Review Posted: Dec 17, 2012 ] - See all my reviews
HOW TO DECEIVE A DUKE takes unexpected twists and turns that are sure to delight readers.

To save her family from ruin and poverty, Meg married the duke in her sister's place. To her surprise, attraction flared on both sides, and she was exactly what Nick needed in his life. Outside events and forces tried to keep them apart, and a big misunderstanding between them may be the final straw. Will these numerous deceptions keep Meg from her HEA?

Meg was a strong heroine--brave and likeable, the backbone of her family. I couldn't help but root for her and her HEA. That said, the storyline became frustrating as it progressed, taking much of my joy out of reading. I alternated between wanting to strangle Meg and Nick. I felt that communication could've solved their problems, but even when they communicate--or tried to--it felt like they didn't. The Big Misunderstanding that could've been resolved by proper communication played into Meg's insecurities and the story tumbled from there.

Also, I felt that there were too much external events and machinations going on that not much was shown of Nick and Meg spending time together, how they managed to connect despite their inauspicious beginning. Sure, we are told that weeks had passed wherein they got to know one another, but we are only shown one instance of their conversation at the dining table. Two or three more scenes would've solidified that yes, they are connecting and falling in love with each other, even while they are maybe still in denial. I felt that we readers are cheated of witnessing these romantic moments. So, I have to say: Lust? Yes. Love? Sure, they exhibited the signs of love--jealousy, caring--but what made them arrived at that stage? Thus, their declarations of love were a bit suspect.

Re Nick, I do have to question his decision toward the end. How in the world would what he did give Meg what she wants? I felt he didn't even give his marriage to Meg a fighting chance.

I have to applaud the author though for her talented characterization, even her secondary characters. Each character's personality shone through, even the secondary ones--notably, Rose as the self-absorbed sister.

The story started out with much potential, and it contained unexpected twists and turns that would delight any jaded reader of romance, had the main characters and their romantic development been developed more properly.
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