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New Bay: The Complete Series
Author: Nell Dixon
Publisher: Astraea Press
Release Date: November 2012
ISBN: 9781621351023

Book Genre: Contemporary Romance

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New Bay: The Complete Series

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Book Reviewed by JCCeleste (reviewer)

[ Review Posted: Dec 31, 2012 ] - See all my reviews
The New Bay Series is a charming collection of five sweet romance novellas set in New Bay, with the stories interlocking through a series of First Kisses and tender unions. I enjoyed the tension, the rhythms of a close-knit town, and the comforting balance of predictability and pacing.

Nell Dixon writes with a pleasant British English, so readers who are unfamiliar with some terms may need to look words up (like "torch" is flashlight and "piskies" are pixies.)

Making Waves

Josh is a workaholic on a well-deserved holiday, enjoying a cottage on loan from a friend in the peaceful setting of New Bay.

Cassidy is a jilted fiancée hiding away in a friend's cottage in New Bay, in an effort to pull herself together. But her promised Peace and Quiet is shattered when her boss, Josh—of all people—runs into her on her first morning away.

It isn't long before Josh and Cassidy discover their cottage is the same, as their friend accidentally double-booked the place. Will romance spark in their shared quarters or will their past get in their way?

September Song

Dan religiously orders his usual every morning from the Surf's Up Café before work. He never expects one morning to change his world when the owner asks if he'd like to go to a concert–with his longtime secret crush, Erin, who works behind the counter.

Erin doesn't see much in Dan, a straight-laced guy in a suit who stands out like a sore thumb amidst a sea of surfers and casual visitors. But she's stuck with him for a night on the town and slowly discovers they have more in common than first expected.

But Dan has a secret, and his past has proven that sharing it with prospective mates will be disastrous. Erin also has rules she learned the hard way after her previous beau mistreated her. Will Erin be able to see past the surface and into Dan's heart? Can their connection be stronger than the binds of their secrets?

A Cornish Christmas

Meg, who works at the Beach Diva, has always considered the local doctor, Adam, a friend. When she sees him with another woman—"a family friend"—she questions how much she cares, and if she can risk loving him when she knows how much it broke her heart to lose her father to the sea.

Adam has loved Meg since forever, though she has declined any advances he has made. A chance kiss opens up a future he had only dreamed of. She pulls away, the pain of her past too fresh in her heart.

Adam can't give up his duties on the lifeboat, but will he let Meg go if it means he can save lives? Or will Meg find her way to loving him, risks and all?

Easter Holiday

Posy is a journalist scoping out the High View Farm Site as an assignment for her The Outdoor Life magazine. She pretends to be a normal camper on her first time out.

Noah is one of the co-owners of the campsite, tasked by his sister to make sure the New Girl has a good time. He never expects to develop feelings for a City Girl, not after his ex-City Girl broke his heart—and their engagement—for the want of a more refined life.

Posy wishes she could confess her real motives for visiting, but she's bound by her profession to keep quiet. As an unexpected romance blossoms between her and Noah, will her true identity ruin their chances for love? Can her background and his past be overcome, or will it just be a holiday romance that ends too soon?

New Bay Wedding

Emma, another co-owner of the High View Farm Site, is dismayed to find out that she has to be a Maid of Honor at the same wedding that Ian, her childhood friend and Walking Chaos Pit, is Best Man for. They'll be forced to spend time together whereupon she's guaranteed to have her toes stomped on, drinks sloshed on her, and once, Ian even set her hair on fire. This is not promising to be a good idea when the planning for said wedding is mostly on Emma's shoulders.

Ian, the town vet, only gets blustery around Emma, whom he has loved from their first contact as awkward adolescents. He jumps at the chance to prove to her that he isn't an All-Around Klutz when they realize they'll both have to practice dancing before the Big Day, where it's tradition that the Maid of Honor and Best Man lock arms for one song.

As their time together sparks an unexpected tenderness in Emma, a fluster in her heart that she didn't think Ian could inspire, will a romance blossom between them at last? Or could Emma's newly-broken heart (from her own teenage crush-gone-wrong) just be rebounding into the arms of the closest hunk, breaking Ian's heart in the process?

NEW BAY: THE COMPLETE SERIES is a fun read, the stories just long enough for a quick getaway into another world at the end of a harried day. I would likely keep this collection on my bookshelf, to dip into when the mood for a little First Kiss romance presented itself.
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