The Heat

Laura Tolomei
The Heat


eXtasy Books
Release Date
November 2012
Book 6 of Virtus Saga
BDSM, Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, LGBTQ, Ménage or more, Paranormal Romance, Paranormal with Romantic Elements

After their three-way pledge, Duncan sends Chris and Ylianor to spend the winter at Fair Haven, Chris's home, while he trains his growing Virt at Black Rose, while planning the Hall's future, which will include having his lovers as teachers of two very special courses–Virt management and violence recognition and management. During the stay with the Templeton's, Chris takes the opportunity to train Ylianor into becoming a real sexual slave, teaching her to overcome the confusion her aura reading Virt can cause and also urging her to take better care of herself. When they return to the Hall, things get fiery with the onset of the heat, a tempest of the senses that forces Chris, Duncan and Ylianor to have sex only with each other. It's something they can't resist, something they can't fight, something they have to satisfy immediately lest it drives them out of their minds. But things are burning also without the heat. The Hall's routines hinge on sex, so everyone uses it to gain advantages and influence to rise to the top, where the leader is. Second most powerful man of the social ladder is his phase mate, Christopher Templeton, who relishes the extra attention and the games he himself orchestrates. A newcomer to this style of life, Ylianor catches up fast and soon becomes one of the most sought, also thanks to her relationship to both Chris and Duncan. And if that weren't enough, the leader's blatant favoritism, both sexual and in the council's business, propel her to the top faster than Chris expected or was prepared for. But sex and gossip, the Hall's second favorite game, quickly get in the way of the pledged trio, their effects worsened by the heat that leaves the three no time to think or to block the worse consequences of their frantic days. Mostly, they have no time to talk, and this feeds a general climate of doubts that starts with Ylianor having visions and dreams, when not downright accusing the leader of not trusting either Chris or Ylianor. But things ar


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