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Holley Trent
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Holley Trent
Release Date
August 2013
Book 3 of Natural Beauty
Contemporary Romance

Daisy Mooring is Queen of the Boondocks Dorks. Just ask her ex-husband. Married at eighteen and divorced by twenty-two, the Carolina girl is all washed up at quarter-life. She's the resident wallflower at Natural by Nicolette, and spends her days at the cosmetics company going mostly unnoticed, quietly observing and leaving the talking to her loud-mouthed mother. But when she accidentally blurts out during the staff retreat that she'd marry a sexy foreigner so he could stay in the country, all that attention she'd been shunning for so long catches up to her at once.

Ben Thys actually doesn't need any help staying in the US, but now that the pretty redheaded soap maker is on his radar, he can't stop thinking of the possibilities. The Belgian national could have the life his American big brother has: the home, the friends, the job. A sweet little wife would just be icing on the cake.

But Daisy's been burned before by a man who claimed to love her. It doesn't matter if Ben could be the beginning of her fresh start if she can't clean her slate of the past.

Book Review by Angie Just Read... (reviewer)
Sep 07, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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She's the quietly reserved little mouse that nobody pays any mind to and he's the type of guy that will never be within her reach in a million years…that is, until she blurts out one unguarded thought.

Divorcee and soap maker Daisy Mooring finally grew some semblance of a backbone when she divorced her bullying ex-husband, but the safe, humdrum existence she led meant she was barely a blip on anyone's radar, with the exception of her overbearing mother. That was the way it had always been until she unthinkingly made a very public but matter-of-fact marriage proposal to a co-worker's brother visiting from Belgium. And, while Daisy's impromptu proposal sent her hurrying away in embarrassment, it made a certain Belgian Olympic swimming coach take a long hard look at the often silent woman he'd barely noticed before.

After taking leave from his job and making multiple trips to America within the last year, Ben Thys was beginning to realize he wanted something akin to what his brother Jerry had--a woman to love and settle down with, the possibility of doing something different with his life, and a sense of truly belonging to someone and to somewhere. But his family life was complicated. He'd never even known he had a brother raised in America until the year before, and his need to know his family spawned his desire to connect with his brother Jerry and the American father he'd never known. Being near Jerry was important, but it wasn't necessarily a reason to stay.

But Daisy Mooring with her shy, unassuming beauty, and now, she was suddenly very intriguing, yet her appeal had nothing to do with her marriage proposition. There was just something about Daisy. Now that she'd revealed a hint of the woman she was to him, which made him think she could be his perfect mate. And it was a gut instinct worth exploring provided he could get Daisy to drop the barriers she'd erected to insulate her heart from further anguish.

Once again, Holley Trent showcases her extraordinary storytelling voice and her North Carolina roots with another romance that is down-to-earth, wonderfully appealing, and tinged with just the right amount of gentle humor and gripping realism. I found Daisy and Ben so relatable that I felt most any reader would either know or know of someone that could very easily be one of these characters. Essentially, both Daisy and Ben are seeking a life of fulfillment and belonging.

Daisy's metamorphosis from a doormat to a quietly confident woman is a revealing character study, and Ben's quest for meaningful family harmony and connections is really quite touching. It's this author's understanding of human nature and ease of storytelling that gives her such an inherent flair for writing true-to-life dialogue and for creating well-rounded secondary characters that enhance her primary characters and plots.

If you like satisfying novels written with style and ease and you haven't given Holley Trent a try, you're missing out.

Contains tastefully phrased scenes of a sexual nature.
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