In Training

India Masters
In Training
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Cobblestone Press
Release Date
June 2009
BDSM, Erotic Romance

Athena Rochan lived a life most Elecian women could only dream of. Single, she ran her father's company and enjoyed unparalled freedom in a world where married women were little more than sex slaves to their husbands.

But Athana's world is rocked when her father returns from the war and sends into training with Barik Lugaran, the gorgeous alpha hunk hired to teach her the ways of a proper wife. When she enters Barik's world, she is shocked and aroused by what awaits her. Sex she's never dreamed of and punishments so erotic it's hard not to be bad.

Book Review by Silver (reviewer)
Oct 07, 2010   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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"Short, fast-paced read with lots of hot, sizzling scenes"

Athena Rochan enjoyed a certain freedom that wives of Elecian society does not, but only when her father was away. When he came back, he immediately ordered for her to be trained by Barik Lugaran on how to be a proper Elecian wife and mother. She balked at the orders, but when her father threatened her with never seeing her mother again, she had no choice but to obey.

Obedience was exactly what Barik needed to teach Athena, but soon he realizes that what her father viewed as improper behavior is but the reaction of a strong, independent woman. Soon, he found himself stepping beyond the bounds of what is acceptable behavior for a trainer toward his trainee.

India Masters pens a short, fast-paced read with lots of hot, sizzling scenes, and the heat level increased when Barik's friends joined them. From the erotic romance angle, Ms. Masters surely delivers on this one.

I like it too that though both Barik and Athena showed a liking and definite preference for one another, there were no declarations of love that would have been unrealistic in such a scenario. Still, for a change, I like that Barik didn't exhibit the usual hero denial signs, but was very sure in what he wanted. Very sexy to be the recipient of such sure regard.
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