WAYWARD ANGELS, Book 4 of the Wounded Warriors Series

Karen Wiesner
WAYWARD ANGELS, Book 4 of the Wounded Warriors Series
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Writers Exchange E-Publishing
Release Date
January 2013
Book 4 of Wounded Warriors Series
Contemporary Romance, Inspirational Romance, Mainstream fiction

What do you get with a former wild man who's committed his path to the Lord and a woman who has absolutely nothing to lose? It's either a match made in heaven...or a sure-fire heartache.
Gregg Stevens has spent a lifetime making bad decisions, never knowing true love. Stormie Knight, a new Christian, beguiles him with her eccentricities and with her well-kept secrets. But extracting them could shatter both of their hearts, along with the newborn faith of a wayward angel not yet ready to spread her wings.

Book Review by vera (reviewer)
Apr 22, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I have never read a book with so much human anguish and so much hope. Author Karen Wiesner created a story that is so real it is scary. I have lived this story through a close relative. Thank you, Ms Wiesner, for bringing this illness to the attention of the public through this wonderful, thought provoking story.


Gregg Stevens, former famous music star, has spent his life making bad decisions, running scared, sex, women, drugs, and freedom to have whatever he desired. Then he found God, left his old life of abuse and self indulgence; he has a new center for his life in Wayward Angels, a resource and haven for troubled and abused teens, and his love of Jesus Christ. God is now his anchor.

Stormie Knight, new Christian, troubled, secretive, and mysterious, applies as a part-time handyman for Wayward Angels. Her life is a disaster, yet, there is something about this new Christian that calls to Gregg. What follows is the making of a great love story or the formula for disaster.


Author Karen Wiesner did not pull any punches in this book. Her portrayal of Stormie's mental issues are brutal, honest, and real. She skillfully showed the minute by minute and day by day struggle involved in this disorder.

Ms. Wiesner also depicted the hope we have through God as Gregg and Stormie struggle with their issues and problems journeying to the end God has in store for their life.

Ms. Wiesner's characters were skillfully developed throughout the story and the pacing was on target and intriguing. I found myself reading this book straight through; it is an emotional roller coaster ride. Ms. Wiesner drew me into the story-line and opened my eyes to the life my relative endures everyday and the hope we can have for him. These characters could be your neighbor, the teenage across the street, your brother, your uncle.

This is a love story between man and woman and between God and human. Ms. Wiesner skillfully shows that His Grace is sufficient to carry us through life and his love for us is never ending. She shows Christians, as we are, with all our faults, struggles, and failures, yet secure in the knowledge we are loved and forgiven by our heavenly Father.

Ms. Wiesner sets the hook deep in the prologue and holds your attention from there to the last word. Ms. Wiesner's talent is obvious in this skillfully crafted book. This is not a love story with a miraculous cure at the end of the story with everyone walking off into the sunset to live care-free and happy ever after. Rather, this is a raw gritty story of mental illness (a thorn of the flesh), love, and faith; in other words, this is a story of real life, not fairy-tales.


I highly recommend this book. Thank you, Ms. Wiesner, for revealing the day to day struggle with this illness and the hope we have for our loved ones.
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