Chains & Chocolate

Bonnie Bliss
Chains & Chocolate

Irish Wolf Publishing
Release Date
December 2012
Book 1 of Dominance
BDSM, Erotic Romance

Marie Jones met her husband Neil on the internet 3 years ago. Six months ago, she fulfilled her ultimate dream. She moved to England and they were married.

Marie has always had a secret desire to be a submissive to her perfect Dom. In their short relationship, Marie coaxed her hubby into her dream and after heavy training. Neil is the perfect Sir to Marie's kitten. At first Neil was hesitant, he saw BDSM as a depraved activity, a harsh sexual reality that he wanted no part of. After realizing it brought him closer to his wife, he embraced it, the rewards glorious.

Now they are about to begin a journey of discovery. Neil has created the perfect playroom, his ‘Dungeon'. Join them in their first ever true scene together as the BDSM lifestyle takes them into a new beginning together.

Marie is about to find out just how good her husband is as he takes control for the first full scene and takes her down to his dungeon to chain her to a bench, followed by a covering of melted chocolate for dessert.


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