Born Into Fire

KyAnn Waters ; Tarah Scott
Born Into Fire
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Loose Id
Release Date
November 2010
Book 1 of Shadow Elements
Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy

KyAnn Waters & Tarah Scott Born into Fire
ISBN: 978-1-60737-896-9
Genre: Fantasy Paranormal
Length: Short Novel

Aspiring artist Kenna Lang can't believe her luck in meeting the gorgeous Eric Grey. What she doesn't know is that their chance encounter was by his design.

Their affair turns hotter than even her glass furnaces. Together they are explosive. Drawn together in an erotic joining, they become more than human. He shows her they descend from elements of air, water, earth, and fire. She's fire, and he's air. And together, their power is unimaginable.

But the timeless struggle that wages between their elements—and the world—may tear them apart.

Book Review by Renee Rearden (author,reviewer)
Mar 16, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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What would you do if you discovered you were more than human?

Artist Kenna Lang is a glass blower, ready to share her creations with the world. The deadline for her first big show approaches, and she pushes her creative ingenuity to the limits. The dragons of her childhood dreams are the centerpieces of her exhibit. Each one takes form under her fingertips, the shape and contour guided by her instinctive talent.

Despite her insecurities over their unusual characteristics, other collectors are interested in her work. Especially Hayden Stiles. He's rich, gorgeous, and totally into her—not just her work. Though she appreciates the interest (who wouldn't, right?), he doesn't put the heat in her furnace.

Everything changes when Kenna meets Eric Gray, another private collector. She's drawn to him immediately. His sexy, penetrating gaze compels her to take him back to her workshop and give him a private showing—and not just of her art! Their sexual connection is beyond anything she's experienced. His cooling touch complements her raging desires in ways she is only beginning to understand.

Then things get really interesting. Kenna's able to touch glass straight from the furnace. She senses things on a psychic level she's never noticed before. But when she bursts into flames, she realizes there is definitely something different about herself—and Eric, and he has the answers she needs.

As Kenna comes to grip with her existence as a fire element, Eric Gray's link to her as an air element, and the improbability of them having any kind of relationship, Hayden Stiles reveals his own elemental nature and the fact he wants to enslave Kenna by consuming her fire.

KyAnn Waters and Tarah Scott have created a new paranormal world filled with exciting characters. Their unusual elemental abilities and sensual nature take the reader on a journey of exploration and desire that both satisfies and whets the appetite for more.

For me personally, the inclusion of finding one's soul mate and doing anything to save them made this shorter novel a thoroughly romantic delight. I can't wait for the next installment of the Shadow Elements series!
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