Catch Me If You Can

Billi Jean
Catch Me If You Can
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Totally Bound
Release Date
January 2014
Book 3 of Love's Command
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

The world Daren Scott lived in was full of danger and, all too often, death. There was no place in it for love, and surely not one single woman. Women were weak, delicate, too easily taken out by a stray bullet to trust them for the long haul—until one woman. Kylie might prove that all he really needed was her touch.
When Kylie met Daren Scott, a new world of possibilities unfolded. He baffled her. He excited her. He drove her nuts. But most of all, he confused her. Was he more than the bad boy Navy SEAL bent on seducing her into his bed? Could he truly be the warm, tender man who stole her breath with a look and made her dreams possible?

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Sep 24, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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As I'm making my way through this series, I'm happy to report that CATCH ME IF YOU CAN is finally taking this SEAL team in a good direction.

Six years ago, the big bad Navy SEAL Daren "Dare" Scott was saved by a tiny, diminutive Asian woman, after a mission that went tits up in Iraq. Now, in another time, another country and another mission, he comes face to face with Kylie Chung, the daughter of a kidnapped scientist and his savior in the flesh. Dare is struck by the fact that fate that has brought them together again, even if it is under seriously stressful circumstances. As the two of them race to find Ky's father, they find their yin/yang connection is undeniable…they'll just need to stay alive long enough to realize their future together.

CATCH ME IF YOU CAN is the third book in the Love's Command Series and the best I've read thus far. Dare is a funny, badass Alpha male protector, so it was amusing (if implausible) that Ky managed to get the jump on him (and rescue him singlehandedly) so many times. She was a decent character too…thrust into an unenviable situation where she's got to find and save her dad, under deadline, by giving very dangerous secrets to some very bad dudes (all while running for miles wearing some serious 4" heels, natch). The back and forth between locales was mildly exciting, as Ky tried to make her way to her father, though it became repetitive and highly farfetched after awhile (like the very lengthy shopping spree…that was a real WTF moment).

Also farfetched was this miracle pill that Tazz passed out like candy to anyone who was hurt, the same Superman pill that all of these entities are chasing Ky for, and the reason they kidnapped her dad. If the pills are that abundant, one would think that the bad guys would focus on stealing the pills and figuring out what was in them instead of, say, bombing a downtown Tokyo hotel. Just a thought.

Even though the plot features some pretty impossible scenarios, the sex was out of this world. It was toned down from earlier in the series (a good thing, trust) and very very erotic. I'd like to also note that Ms. Jean switched to the U.S. spelling of words in CATCH ME IF YOU CAN…thank you!!! Onward to book #4, Trusting Love.

Bottom Line: The action is the best part of this story and I think that Ms. Jean's fans will like this one, even if reality has to be completely suspended for awhile.
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