Hot, Rich and Dominant - The Complete Collection

Amy Valenti
Hot, Rich and Dominant - The Complete Collection
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Amy Valenti
Release Date
April 2014
BDSM, Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

New and naive…

When Nell starts her new job with the Cassidy Corporation's marketing team, she doesn't expect to give offense to the CEO's gorgeous, enigmatic son during her first day. Sure she'll be fired by the end of the week, she instead finds herself pinned to the wall, captivated by his ravenous kisses…

Confused, yet curious…

It seems there are two sides to tall, dark and delicious Marc Cassidy, and something in Nell has called the Dominant in him to the fore. He wants her for his own, and he's not afraid to show her how he can rock her world when he blindfolds, spanks and takes her. Though she tries to resist the intense chemistry between them, it's not long until Nell is plunged into the heady, unfamiliar world of sexual submission. Marc pushes her boundaries in every area, from crops and canes to bondage and public play. Even as she falls deeply in love with Marc, surrendering every part of her being to him, her new Dom is concealing an unfathomably dark family secret.

Trust and determination…

When the tension finally reaches breaking point and Marc's carefully laid plans fall to pieces, Nell must find the strength to demand the same unfailing honesty from her billionaire Dom that he expects of her—whatever Marc's reaction might be. If she can unearth his dangerous secret, is she strong enough to walk a knife's edge for love?

Book Review by Rachel's Willful Thoughts (reviewer)
Sep 07, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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What starts out as a simple internship turns out to be much more when Nell catches the eye of the owner's son.

In HOT, RICH AND DOMINANT: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION, author Amy Valenti introduces the readers to the world of BDSM at the hands of Marc Cassidy. From basic spanking to more elaborate scenes involving bondage, the storyline explores the facets of a Dom/sub relationship from a beginner's eyes. While a novice, Nell proves to be a strong character. She's a perfect match for the experienced Dom who truly embraces his Alpha side.

The fact that all segments of the story are available in one collection makes the reading process much smoother for the reader. Each installment contains a diary entry providing a look into Nell's private thoughts.

Whether Nell will embrace the submissive lifestyle is only one of the challenges explored in the story. Trust and honesty play an important factor, especially in light of the fact that Marc is keeping a rather interesting secret.

With a high degree of sizzling heat, the author pulls out all the stops to ensure that readers know that Marc Cassidy is truly Hot, Rich and Dominant.
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