A Good Man

Justus Roux
A Good Man

Erotictales Publications
Release Date
April 2014
Erotic Romance

For years I have brought justice to this god-forsaking world. I am a Confessor for the church. I am dispatched to rid this world of evil. I am the judge, jury and executioner. It was deemed this was the best way to handle evil. However, after handing down swift justice to countless sinners, evil hasn't ebb. It only seems to grow. Now, there is a killer of Confessors and I will be sent out to help stop this man.
I begin to question my faith. Am I the evil that I have fought so hard to rid this world of? From my darkest despair she pulls me back up to my feet. Over and over, my beloved Nova reminds me of my faith. All I have to do is gaze upon her and I know there must be a God. Only God could create a love that Nova gives me.
I want to be the man, the master, my beloved Nova deserves. For her I will do anything to be a good man.


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