Demon of Envy

Jen Katemi
Demon of Envy
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Flourish Books
Release Date
May 2014
Book 5 of Gods of Love
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance

What's a mortal girl to do when the man of her dreams appears on the doorstep... and it turns out he's a fallen immortal trying to claw his way back toward a state of grace?

Thon holds the petty jealousies and passions of all mortals in his heart. In the beautiful yet damaged Olivia he may have finally found his savior, but his lover's very presence incites the demon inside to rear its ugly head. How can the Greek god of envy & jealousy possibly protect a mortal woman from the grim darkness of his own reality?

"Oh, Liv. If I love you, I might kill you."

Book Review by Gabrielle Sally (author,reviewer)
May 22, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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DEMON OF ENVY is an erotica novella that draws Greek myth into modern times. Specifically, a half-god, half-demon named Phthonos with looks and sex appeal that would have the most stodgy drooling in "envy" over the fact that he has eyes, hands, body, mouth and all his other yummy parts only for Olivia.

When we first meet Olivia, she thinks that Phthonos is nothing more than her dream lover. That is, until, he rings her doorbell. And then life as she knew it gets turned upside down and despite all the upheaval, things really start to feel right.

Speaking of right. Some of the things that Jennifer Lynne did really well include the blending of Olivia's panic attacks/anxieties into her character. This could have ended up either over the top or been inconsequential, but it's handled well and makes the character easily relatable. Particularly the masochistic aspects as the author delicately touches upon what happens when one person's pleasure is taken too far and what can ensue as a result. Olivia's transformation from someone who was afraid to live to someone with a reason to live is also well-done. And I would be seriously remiss in leaving out that both the seduction and sex scenes were downright scintillating.

I haven't read the other novellas in this series, but this one stands alone and it is both entertaining and sexy.
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