Captivating Her Racy Heroes

Tara Rose
Captivating Her Racy Heroes
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Siren-Bookstrand Inc
Release Date
June 2014
Book 13 of Racy Nights
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more

When submissive Brynn Winston takes a job at Busler's department store, trouble follows her, but she's not the only target in Racy. Brynn knew Racy detective Sean Brennan and BDSM club owner Maddox McCree during their unsavory days in Chicago, and neither man is happy to see her living and working in Racy.

But all three have more trouble than they realize when a man they knew in Chicago who was once accused of rape and murder is spotted in Racy. As Brynn works to convince Sean and Maddox that she's as changed as they are, and that this man is a real threat to them, Doms Ryder Dayton and Hugh Sinclair fall hard and fast for her.

As Ryder and Hugh fight to exonerate Brynn from the rumors about her past associations, they end up as pawns in a killer's deadly game of cat and mouse, and soon realize Brynn's past isn't the real danger. It's her present.

Book Review by Lynn (reviewer)
Jul 30, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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CAPTIVATING HER RACY HEROES is a modern and sexy version of the damsel in distress tale.

Brynn Winston takes a job in Racy, knowing she might not get the warmest of receptions from two of its current residents. But Brynn has an opportunity to take a job that she is excited about, so she is willing to fight to get Sean Brennan and Maddox McCree to see that she is a different person than the girl they used to know. Brynn knows Sean and Maddox from when they all lived and played in Chicago and knows that they associate her with a couple who recently abducted their sub.

But before Brynn has a chance to speak with either Sean or Maddox, she meets Ryder Dayton and Hugh Sinclair. There is an immediate connection between the three of them so when Sean spots Brynn and attacks her for appearing in Racy, Ryder and Hugh do not hesitate to come to her rescue. They get Sean to back off and listen to Brynn's story about the bad crowd she was involved with, and removed herself from, in Chicago.

Ryder and Hugh have no reason to doubt Brynn and help her gain the confidence she needed to talk to Sean and Maddox. What she discovers is that part of Sean and Maddox's hesitation to accept her is that another man from their shared Chicago history, Eddie Van Buren, has recently been spotted in Racy. Eddie was accused of raping and killing one of Brynn's close friends back in Chicago, but was never charged because of lack of evidence. Now he's on the run from that crime and others, and Brynn will need her heroes to protect and rescue her if they stand any chance of a happy future.

This story introduces three new characters into the Racy landscape. I always worry about an author's ability to weave new characters into a world that is as developed as Racy. While Hugh is not completely new as his family has been mentioned numerous times previously, his story is new. However, Ms. Rose does a great job of integrating these characters into the Racy landscape. The connection between Brynn and two well-established characters, Sean and Maddox, gave the story some extra dimensions. One of the things that made this relationship stand out from others in this series is that all three of them are lower key, somewhat reserved, prefer-to-stay-at-home-to-play sorts of people.

Also, I liked the fact that none of the characters were tormented by ghosts of previous relationships. They all had some family issues and previous bad dating situations, but nothing that played a major role in this story. All three of the main characters presented their own unique stories, making their joint story more enjoyable. The fact that Hugh and Ryder are such good friends and know immediately they want to share Brynn makes the relationship less challenging and more fun. And it is fun; all three of them have great senses of humor. Of course, in the end, Hugh and Ryder get to be the knights-in-shining-armor heroes I expected they would be.

All and all this was another great trip into Racy. It seems the more characters that are introduced, the more I like this town.
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