Captured & Seduced

Shelley Munro
Captured & Seduced
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Munro Press
Release Date
June 2014
Book 1 of House of the Cat
Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance, Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic, Vamps & Shifters Romance

A shapeshifter and a wizard slugging it out, an alien world and a hell-horse…

Jockey Camryn O'Sullivan is an alcoholic on a downward spiral after the death of her husband. When aliens kidnap her, she's both terrified and reluctantly fascinated by Ryman Coppersmith. She's positive the weird attraction to her abductor is an anomaly. Something to ignore. She'll train the aliens' horse and they'll return her home. Simple. There's no need for sex or a stubborn male kitty-cat to replace the precious memories of her husband.

Murder. Betrayal. Banishment.

Feline shapeshifter Ry has experienced treachery of the worst kind. When his foster brother—the man who betrayed him—proposes a wager on a hell-horse race, the lure to clear his name is irresistible.

Camryn's arrival triggers a jump in his already overactive sex drive. It's a struggle to keep his hands off his beautiful captive. Something in his mysterious feline background compels him to chase her and the passion firing between them soars out of control. Ry doesn't understand the mechanics of their attraction but knows he can't afford to lose Camryn…despite his promise to return her home.

Book Review by Lynn (reviewer)
Dec 25, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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CAPTURED & SEDUCED has it all--a drunken horse jockey, some aliens, a shapeshifter, a hell-horse race, sibling rivalry, kidnapping, and betrothals.

Ryman Coppersmith, a feline shapeshifter, has been framed for murder by his jealous foster brother and the only way to get his name cleared is to beat his brother in a hell-horse race. Ry and his crew decide to kidnap a top ranked human horse trainer to ensure victory in the race; instead they get his drunken twin sister. Camryn O'Sullivan, once an accomplished jockey, is no stranger to horse training and is committed to helping Ry and his crew if it means they will leave her brother alone with his family.

Ry, a shapeshifter who knows nothing of his heritage and only uses women to fulfill his insatiable sexual needs, and Camryn, a widow who turns to alcohol to deal with grief, are quite a match. They both fear the feelings that are developing between them and work hard to convince themselves they will easily part ways when the hell-horse race is over. If they can overcome viscous hell-horses, traitorous family and friends, and the fact that they are from different worlds, they might stand a chance of finding happiness.

There were elements of this book that I really enjoyed, mostly the main characters and their relationship development. Camryn's grief over the loss of her husband and her guilt over her feelings for Ry were honest and painful. Ry's confusion over his brother's betrayal and dedication to his crew demonstrate his honorable nature. Through the process of finding, capturing, and training a hell-horse, the two grow continuously closer to each other. At first they are able to write off their relationship as simply fulfilling their mutual sexual needs but they can only continue with their denial for so long. As the race nears and the two of them face the fact that their time together is nearing an end, they are forced to evaluate their futures and their goals.

The supporting characters were fun and well-written, and the plot was interesting. The conclusion does not bring the answers I was hoping for regarding Ry's past nor does it really address the feasibility of an inter-species relationship, but the characters and main plot were enjoyable.
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