Perfect Prince: Dragon Lords Anniversary Edition

Michelle M. Pillow
Perfect Prince: Dragon Lords Anniversary Edition
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The Raven Books
Release Date
June 2014
Book 2 of Dragon Lords
Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance

Perfect Prince (Dragon Lords)
Futuristic Dragonshifting Romance
Revised Expanded Anniversary Edition

A Perfect Escape...
Nadja Aleksander has everything she could ever want in life, except her freedom. Skipping out on her engagement, to a man her controlling father has chosen for her, Nadja books passage on the first spaceship she can find. Bound for a planet of primitive humanoid males, Nadja plans on finding a simple, hardworking man who will allow her to live out her days in total obscurity.

A Perfect Mistake...
Dragonshifter Prince Olek is pleased with his refined and blushing bride. When she chooses him to be her life mate, appearing happy in her decision, his heart soars--until the next morning when his new princess wants nothing to do with him. Olek doesn't know what he's done to upset his alluring bride, but he is determined to reignite the hot sparks that burned the night they met.

About the Series:
The dragonshifting princes have no problem with commitment. In one night, they will meet and choose their life mate in a simplistic ceremony involving the removing of masks and the crushing of crystals. With very few words spoken and the shortest, most bizarre courtship in history, they will bond to their women forever. And once bonded, these men don't let go... Too bad nobody explained this to their brides.

Book Review by Evampire (reviewer)
Jan 16, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Nadja thought she found the perfect escape from the life her father laid out for her and what she got was the perfect mistake in the form of a perfect prince in this riveting sci-fi paranormal romance.

With a steady to fast pace and smooth flowing plot, this romance enthralls readers with lots of suspense, excitement and passion. The reader can't help but get caught up in the story as Nadja escapes her supposedly perfect life and finds herself being married to a prince, the exact opposite of the kind of life she wanted. Prince Olek of Draig is baffled at why his marriage is the exact opposite of what he thought it was supposed to be.

Sparks fly in every direction with this explosive couple as their attraction burns hot but tempers soar even hotter. With secrets, emotional issues and alpha protective male syndrome confusing things between Nadja and Olek even more, this couple keeps readers on their toes.

The well written scenes and details capture the imagination and bring the story to life as the well orchestrated excitement and suspense between the couple draws the reader in and ensures that they want to know the whole story. Spine tingling anticipation builds as the reader tries to keep up with Nadja and Olek's passionate clashes. There is also the added excitement of the danger that the Var pose and the danger from Nadja's father.

This fascinating world is full of captivating characters and the fact that they happen simultaneously allows the reader to follow the building relationship between the Princes and their brides, but also the growing relationship between the princesses, which adds depth and gives the reader the feeling that they are part of the growing family as well. There is never a dull moment in the story and I was completely enthralled from the very beginning and of course I am looking forward to reading the next one.
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