Mask of Desire

Lori Whyte
Mask of Desire

Escape Press
Release Date
October 2014
Book 1 of Masquerade Curves
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

When Becca gets the unexpected opportunity to attend the same elite masquerade party as her boss, Trent, she decides to find out if he could ever be attracted to her curvy plus-sized body. Hiding behind a mask and an alluring genie costume, she feels invincible and sexy.

Trent's response is more than she could have dreamed. He can't keep his hands off her. Each interaction is more intense and heated than the last, until she is panting and aching for more. When he invites her up to his hotel room, she seizes the opportunity.

But once they are alone, he asks her to remove her mask.

She wants to surrender to his intoxicating touch, but can she risk revealing her true identity?


The highwayman needed no further permission. He seized her hand in his large strong one, and turned her to the dance floor. He rested his other hand on the small of her bare back. The wicked sensation of his flesh against hers made her trip over her genie shoes. He steadied her.

When they were in the middle of the floor, the song was ending. He turned her easily in his arms so she was facing him. His green eyes locked on hers as he settled his right hand at her waist, fitting his fingers against the curve of her body. She placed her hand on his arm, feeling for the first time the hard strength of his body. Her heart thundered in her ears.

He raised his other hand and she slipped her hand into it.

Only then, when she was secure in his arms, did his gaze drift down her face. Did he know it was her? No, he couldn't. She'd taken care to cover her hair, the mask hid the upper part of her face, and the cut of this costume made her body appear very, very different than her usual loose, bulky clothing did.

His eyes settled on her lips and she opened them slightly.

Her body quivered with expectation. Would he kiss her? Already?

"You are magical." Then he leaned in closer, his eyes focusing on hers again. "How many wishes will you grant me?"


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