Haunted Haven

Anna Snow
Haunted Haven


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Release Date
November 2014
Contemporary Romance, Fantasy Romance, Mainstream fiction, Paranormal Romance, Paranormal with Romantic Elements, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

After the death of Heather's mother she finds herself in limbo. With no social life to speak of, no husband, and no real friends, she decides a change is in order, and the job at the Lakeshore Hollow newspaper, and the magnificent, yet abandoned, Haven Manor appears to be just what the doctor ordered.
But Heather soon realizes Haven Manor isn't the welcoming home it first appeared.
From small bumps and bangs to the haunting image of bloodied, tormented children, strange events begin to play out around her, and the need to know why Haven has sat abandoned for fifty years and what happened to its previous inhabitants become Heather's number one priority.
But with the lack of cooperation from the Lakeshore Hollow residents, Heather's suspicions begin to rise and the mystery deepens. The only cooperation she can get is from her new contractor and lifelong Lakeshore Hollow resident, Andy Bennett. Not only is he willing to help her get the answers she now so desperately seeks, he stirs her passion as no man ever before.
Together, they must solve the great mystery of Haven Manor and along the way, their growing desire for each other.


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