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Liz Crowe
Love Garage
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Release Date
January 2015
Book 1 of The Love Brothers
Contemporary Romance

Antony Love is the quintessential responsible oldest brother of a boisterous, Italian/Irish family, placed in charge at a young age by his parents who are busy running the family business. He manages his siblings with a fair but iron hand, until his life is shattered by personal tragedy leaving him the shell of the man he once was.

When outspoken matriarch Lindsay Halloran Love becomes ill, the youngest brother Aiden shows up at Antony's garage, having dropped out of school (again), needing work and a place to crash. Antony provides both, with three caveats: "Don't smoke in my truck, don't be late for work, and don't mess with my girlfriend."

But Aiden Love, budding novelist, gets one glimpse of Rosalee Norris, young widow of Antony's lifelong best friend and all bets are off.

Set in horse country near Lexington, Kentucky, The Love Brothers Series is a saga of family devotion that runs as wide and deep as the Ohio River--except on Sundays when brothers Antony, Kieran, Dominic and Aiden work out their frustrations on the basketball court, Love brother style.

The Love Brothers: A family saga with humor, heat and heart—not to mention beer, bourbon and basketball.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Nov 20, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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You know it's not a Liz Crowe novel if it doesn't make you laugh, cry and swoon within the span of a few pages. LOVE GARAGE is no exception, and an excellent beginning to a new series.

When Aiden Love returns home to KY, eating crow and begging his big brother Antony for a job at his auto repair garage, he's back to his early days of trying to fit in with his four extremely different siblings. Aiden's spent so many years away, earning degrees and attempting to write the Great American Novel, and he feels distinctly like a loser since his writing is going nowhere, fast. The one bright spark in his life is Antony's girlfriend, the green-eyed beauty Rosalee Kendrick and her adorable son Jeffery.

Rosalee and Antony bonded over their shared grief of losing a spouse. While their friendship is rock solid, their intimacy doesn't leave Rosalee with the same spark simply looking at Aiden gives her. But she needs a husband, a father for Jeffery, and everyone expects Antony to be that man. But Antony isn't very good at hiding his fascination with Margo, the therapist he sees with his daughter, nor is Rosalee good at hiding her lust for the youngest Love brother, Aiden. The threads of the Love family ties are tumultuous at best, and even though they love one another fiercely, it's pretty clear they don't always like each other much. Will the Love brothers get it figured out before something happens that can't be undone?

LOVE GARAGE is the first book in the upcoming Love Garage series by the über talented Liz Crowe and features a family of 5 siblings and their ups and downs. In true Liz Crowe style, she doesn't pull punches or shy away from the gut wrenching storyline, and I've yet to read an author who does it better than her. The connection between Rosalee and Aiden was clear, but her need for the security that Antony could provide kept her from being honest about her desires. Honestly, I'm not a fan of cheating in books, even if the end seems to justify the means, so the stolen moments between Rosalee, Aiden, Antony and Margo just pissed me off. And there is a LOT of cheating in LOVE GARAGE. Ms. Crowe's characters always seem to infuriate me at times, so that's how I know it's a damn good book done in her patented "Romance for Real Life" style.

The sex in LOVE GARAGE was rough and raw and sometimes light and loving but always delicious. Whether it was between Aiden and his multitude of women or Antony and Rosalee, it was steamy yet tasteful. The ending felt rather rushed to me, and actually heightened my disappointment in the MC's moral compasses. The angsty drama present in most books by Ms. Crowe was there, but I'll say that I didn't feel a huge connection to any of them…yet. I know that as the series goes on I'll end up with a stomped on kindle to deal with, but that didn't happen within the pages of this first book. I'm looking forward to delving deeper into the lives of the intriguing Love family as this series progresses.
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