50 Shades of Pink

KT Grant
50 Shades of Pink
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Riverdale Avenue Books
Release Date
February 2015
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ

Best-selling erotica author KT Grant gives us a lesbian spin on the now-classic dynamics of EL James' Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy where a young ingénue is seduced by, and eventually teaches love to, the broken billionaire.

Living in Manhattan and working at Virago, one of the most successful women's magazines in the nation, is a dream come true for Lindsay Pinke. After five years of being overworked and underpaid in the research department, Colette Duarte, the provocative executive editor of the magazine, finally notices her. She offers Lindsay the coveted job as her personal assistant, but first she must prove she's worthy of the position.

Lindsay must interview Victoria Nox, the elusive and extremely private CEO of Nox Media Holdings. If Lindsay succeeds, Colette promises her great things for her publishing career. If Lindsay fails, her chance as a respected writer will be cut short.

A chance meeting with Victoria at a high-class function puts into motion a series of events that leaves Lindsay blindsided by her strong physical reaction to the magnetic but foreboding woman. When Lindsay unwittingly falls into Victoria's world of dark temptations and complex entanglements, she leans the shocking truth Victoria hides about Colette that rocks Lindsay to her very core.

Now that Lindsay has become a balm on Victoria's soul, is she strong enough to help Victoria confront her shameful past, and stop one woman's sick games once and for all?

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Aug 19, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Even with the clever title and lesbian marketing ploys, 50 SHADES OF PINK leaves a lot to be desired.

After 5 years of working in the drudges at Virago Magazine, Lindsay Pinke finally has a chance to make or break her career…if she can get her shit together long enough to impress her idol Colette Duarte, executive editor of Virago Magazine. Colette gives Lindsay a task: interview and write a story about Victoria Nox, CEO of Nox Media Holdings, and the coveted position is hers. Victoria isn't known for her transparency in general, but when it comes to Colette, she's downright opaque. As Lindsay spends more time in Victoria's company, she's slowly seduced by the older woman who takes her on a journey of sexual discovery she never dreamed possible.

50 SHADES OF PINK bills itself as the lesbian version of that other popular "Shades Of" book. As my opinion of that book isn't high, I've avoided any knock-off like the plague, however I was hopeful that this might be a better, hotter girl-on-girl version. Sadly, I was mistaken.

Unfortunately, the grammar and consistency errors were glaring, and the storyline was simply cringe-worthy. From phantom haircuts to overnight sexual prowess to head-scratching sentences, 50 SHADES OF PINK had a "huh?" for everyone. Like this gem from Lindsay's roommate Jayden:

"Of course I am, but I also have some suspensions."

I'm pretty sure the author meant suspicions. Or maybe opinions? Questions? It really could go in any of those directions. Or maybe Jayden was a closet Dom who had some cool suspension contraptions in his walk-in closet. Whatever.

And look, I know all of us women get our monthly visitor, it's a fact of life. However nothing about it should be attempted to be made into a sexy thing. Ever. Just...NO NO NO. As the bloody first sexual encounter, it totally turned me off and made me want to quit reading. As if that's not bad enough, it was mentioned repeatedly throughout the book...is this a fetish I don't know about? AWKWARD!! Even without the period play, the sex was just eh, and while I usually love hot girl-on-girl stories, this book just didn't carry the erotic punch it could have. All of the main characters were mildly unlikeable and I just didn't connect with any one of them.

Bottom line: Skip this bad knockoff of another bad book. It was poorly written the first time and this isn't much better.
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