The Collector

Kay Jaybee
The Collector
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Austin & Macauley
Release Date
August 2008
BDSM, Erotic Romance

There is a myth that only dominant, slim, basque-clad women write erotica. This anthology breaks away from that misconception.

The 21 stories included in this book have been compiled by an anonymous central narrator referred to as the Collector, who either acquires the tales from a willing third party (Cupboard Lust), or overhears information and fills in the blanks herself (Learning). Not a call girl or a sex club queen, she sits in coffee shops by day, gaining a strange pleasure from writing up her salacious literature in public. Travelling on public transport as much as possible, listening to conversations in restaurants, pubs and cafes, she keeps her eyes and ears open for potential material. When sources run dry the Collector takes matters into her own hands, engineering situations worth writing about by doing some direct research (Treasure). Occasionally she visits the select clubs and private houses of the Home Counties, which guarantee to provide the type of material required to retell the most erotic of adventures (Tequila). Divided into chapters, the stories vary in length from 250 words to c.4000 words. Each tale is pulled together with a short narrative, which offers a brief history to the piece, without frustrating the reader intent on the stories themselves. From New Territory, which provides information about both our narrator and her writing, to Alone, The Collector takes the reader through every gambit of the sexual experience. Lust, submission, dominance, instruction, voyeurism and masturbation, are all observed within the genres of heterosexual, lesbian and solo sex.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Oct 09, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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THE COLLECTOR may be the hottest and coolest book I've read this year.

The author, let's call her "Jen," looks benign, but she's a collector. She collects stories. Private stories. Raunchy, wicked, filthy, crazy, sexy, hot, private, erotic stories. Sometimes people tell her their stories, sometimes she eavesdrops discreetly, once in awhile the stories are hers. In THE COLLECTOR, she shares more than twenty of those stories for us lucky voyeurs. Some of these tales are sweet, like the two women who realize their feelings for one another are more than friendship in Late Developer, and some are wild, like the alcohol-fueled gangbang experience of an escort's first gig in Tequila. There's loads of BDSM, anonymous encounters, some threesomes, foursomes and moresomes, creative uses for foodstuffs and inanimate objects, girl on girl, guy on guy and some solo action, and even an interesting 90's political era "define sex" encounter. So sit back and relax, grab a bottle of merlot and settle in for some quick and dirty stories that will curl your toes.

WOW, what a GREAT book! Ms. Jaybee, the true author of THE COLLECTOR, honestly has me curious if she is, in fact, this collector. Her intros were so well written and believable that I fell under an erotic spell while reading. I didn't LOVE every story, but I really did at least LIKE almost all of them for one reason or another. My favorites were Treasure, where a woman invites a friend of a friend back to her place so he can discover her hidden treasure; and Crushed, where a 2 (and a half) people in a standstill crowd experienced a hedonistic anonymous encounter. If I heard real life stories like these on a regular basis, I swear I would die from a state of constant arousal!

Some of my other favorites included Watching and Executive School. But seriously, all of these stories were the TLC of books--crazy, sexy and cool. I truly hope that Ms. Jaybee decides to continue in this direction periodically and give us some more collections. After all, I still have a LITTLE drool left!
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