A Time Apart

Rebecca N. Caudill
A Time Apart


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Release Date
February 2015
Book 1 of The Macauley Series
Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

William Macauley is a centuries old vampire who has spent his long, preternatural life atoning for his greatest sin. Olivia Donnelly is rich and successful, but there's always been something missing. When their worlds collide, William vows that nothing will keep them apart. But will a terrible secret prevent them from fulfilling what he knows is their destiny ... or could it be the key that unlocks their eternal love?

Olivia has spent her whole life obsessing about how she will die. When tragedy strikes and reality crashes down around her, she's forced to confront those fears head on. Hoping that a temporary move to Ireland will help her cope with a devastating loss, she arrives in Dublin a broken down shell of a woman looking for a second chance at life. Almost immediately she is drawn to places she's never been and to a man that she's never met.

William doesn't want anything to do with the American writer who won't stop asking to tour his castle. He's tried telling her no but she can't seem to take the hint. That's probably because she can't stop thinking about him, even when she's sleeping. But everything changes when William realizes who Olivia really is, and the discovery makes him yearn for her in ways he hasn't experienced in hundreds of years.

When a startling confession made during a dangerous encounter forces Olivia to acknowledge her desire for William, the admission sets in motion a series of events that alters her understanding of life – and death – as she examines the truth of the person she once was, the woman she was born to be, and how William is the missing piece to her soul that she's been searching for her whole life.


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