Fallon's Capture

Ravenna Tate
Fallon's Capture
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Evernight Publishing
Release Date
March 2015
Book 2 of Voyeur Moon
BDSM, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more, Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic

The last thing Fallon Myers remembers before waking up as a prisoner was walking home from her favorite bodega. Now, she's being forced to participate in sex shows for the crowds on Voyeur Moon, along with two political prisoners.

Cord and Arlo have been fighting against the extreme faction of Tyranns who now control Voyeur Moon, and who built the infamous Zoo, for years. The charges against them are bogus, but their growing love for Fallon is real.

The three can't see or hear the crowds who pay to watch them have rough sex, but the shows take an emotional toll on all of them.

When an opportunity to escape arises, the men face a difficult choice. If they leave Fallon behind, the Tyranns will simply place two new prisoners in her quarters. But if they take her along, all three could lose their lives.

Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
May 15, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Earth girls are horny sluts waiting to spread their legs for alien masters. This is what the Tyranns aliens believe, which is why they steal female human for their carnal pleasure. Where do I find my horny slut to abuse?

Fallon Myers is in the at-risk age group. She is ripe for the raping as she's the right age, cute and makes the mistake of walking by herself exposed in New York. When she wakes up, she is off world and forced to exhibit her body for the voyeuristic pleasures of the sexually crazed Tyranns. Her fellow inmates are Cord and Arlo. These two male aliens are fighting against the Tyranns who are trying to destroy the alien culture.

The premise of this world is interesting. There are two main alien factions showcasing the extremes. One is the sexually repressed Regum. The other is the recently sexually liberated Tyranns. One would think the Tyranns would be more progressive. Not so. They are asshats tyrants similar to their name. They are a patriarchal society focused on warfare, classism and degradation. This set up could have made the story go two different ways. It could be spank bank worthy non-con or it could be erotic kinky romance. For those hoping for "me-time", this is not the book for you.

Fallon is lucky enough to be trapped with two sexy hawt aliens, Cord and Arlo. The threesome get it on and do the nasty in front of perverted aliens. The sex is kinky with bondage, rough sex, double penetration and exhibitionism. The aliens other than Cord and Arlo are losers. Seriously, the Tyranns come across as bratty teenage boys who have suddenly realized they have a dick to play with. The Regum are snotty holier than thou idiots. These simplistic villains, familiar alien capture trope and easy to underdog rebels make for an easy read.

There are no surprises in the plot. The conflict is resolved after a bit of a buildup. What made this book enjoyable is the sex. Yes, this reviewer can be bribed with decent sex. Keep it coming. This erotic romance is recommended for ménage lovers who enjoy a bit of rough sex.
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