Three's Never a Crowd

Serena Akeroyd
Three's Never a Crowd
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
April 2016
Book 1 of The Corsakis
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more

When Evan Westchester starts to see his partner Harden Grainger in a different light, their lover Bella Drake is caught in the middle. Certain the relationship that has been her keystone is about to disintegrate, she's helpless because her men have left her completely in the dark as to why things have started to go so wrong.

But she isn't the only one to notice the change in Evan. Harden decides a dirty vacation away is what they need to reconnect.

Upon learning that Evan and Harden are sexually attracted to one another, what's a girl to do but sit back and enjoy the show? Only, Evan isn't playing nice. His ingrained beliefs about homosexuality are putting their loved-up relationship in jeopardy.

Under the heat of the Cypriot sun, can Harden and Bella teach Evan that it's okay to love another man? Or is a ménage made in relationship-heaven doomed to failure because of outdated thinking?

Book Review by Lynn (reviewer)
Jun 27, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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THREE'S NEVER A CROWD is an exploration of what happens when the romantic and sexual dynamics of a ménage relationship shift.

Evan, Harden, and Bella have been in a successful ménage relationship for some time. Until now. The three are going away on a romantic vacation and Bella is worried the trip is their last ditch effort to save a struggling relationship. Recently Bella has noticed some tension in the relationship; Evan is traveling more and the three of them have stopped sleeping together all at once. When it finally comes to light that Evan and Harden's feelings for each other have shifted and that is what is causing this new tension, Bella is willing to do whatever it takes, even sneaky, sexual things, to keep her relationship intact.

The exploration of anti-homosexual beliefs in a person involved in a ménage relationship is so unique. At first I doubted that the author could make the plot believable and powerful; I doubt her no more. It was made clear that even in a ménage relationship, there can be clearly defined roles that each person has in the bedroom; it is not just a three person free-for-all.

Evan is in love with Bella and Harden is his best friend so he is able to view their relationship as simply he and his best friend sharing a woman; not that the three of them are necessarily in a relationship together. Evan's beliefs are rigid as they have been drilled into him his whole life. It is acceptable to share a bed with another man as long as there is a woman between them. The problem develops when that woman isn't between them and Evan enjoys it.

The best part of the story for me was the compassion shown by the characters. Bella and Harden do not dismiss or belittle Evan's concerns but rather recognize them as hard wired beliefs. They know that if they can't change the scope of Evan's belief system, their relationship is going to fail, and they are not going to let that happen without a fight. The characters show a wide range of emotion--from fear to love to playfulness to anger--that are all well-written and jump off the page. I enjoyed this story and will definitely seek out more from this author.
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Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Aug 19, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I love me a good MMF read, and THREE'S NEVER A CROWD kicks off a deliciously wicked series that is sure to repeatedly move to the top of my "re-read" pile.

Bella Drake doesn't want to believe that the trip to Cyprus is nothing but a last ditch effort to save her relationship of 5 years with her lovers Evan Westchester and Harden Grainger, but her men have been acting so strange lately. At the Corsakis Hotel, the triad is attempting to reconnect, but the sudden and new attraction that the men are experiencing toward each other is freaking Evan out. Bella has a plan to help Evan get over his squeamishness, and with Harden's help they might be able to make their relationship even better! But there's so many changes happening in their lives that the three of them will be lucky to make it through without breaking up or winding up with a strong sense of discontent and resentment.

THREE'S NEVER A CROWD is the first book in the forthcoming The Corsakis Hotel Series by the talented Ms. Akeroyd, featuring a hotel in Cyprus that caters to non-traditional relationships like triads and foursomes. I'd love to be a people watcher at this swanky and sexy hotel and can't wait for more in this series! For such a short book, Ms. Akeroyd packed an emotional punch, as Bella worried about her relationship with the guys, Evan worried about his sexuality and Harden tried to be the voice of reason. I can understand the place that Bella was coming from, not knowing where her relationship was going even after 5 years together, especially when both of her boyfriends are celebrities (and they aren't out publicly as a triad).

I loved the conflict that Evan felt about sex with Harden. That was the heart of the story, and how they dealt with it was both interesting and heartwarming and incredibly erotic. This was a short novella, but it packed a super-hot punch, from the MF fisting fun and DVP sex to the guy-on-guy-on-Bella action once Evan got his head out of his ass. The little touches and kisses kept it sweet and romantic too. My only beef is that the editing needs some work…it's not atrocious but there's enough there that it's noticeable.

Bottom Line: Great book, sexy and sweet and oh so freakin yummy! I only wish there was more Bella, Evan and Harden to enjoy!!
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