An Appetite For Blackmail

Ravenna Tate
An Appetite For Blackmail
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Evernight Publishing
Release Date
May 2015
Book 1 of The Weathermen
Erotic Romance, Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic

When Harper Mathews gets drunk with a friend and hacks into her boss's personal accounts, Arturo (Ace) Charles Easton gives her a choice. Work as part of his secret hacking team, searching for clues to the people who infiltrated a weather control program, or face unemployment and jail.

But working as part of this team isn't all that Ace demands from Harper. He also expects her in his bed, when he wants her there, how he decides to make love to her, and for as long as he desires.

Ace is part of a group of friends financing the efforts to put a stop to The Madeline Project. These men have power, resources, and money, but they're as ruthless and possessive as the storms ravaging Earth.

They call themselves the Weathermenů

Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Aug 01, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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This is a story made for the Syfy channel! The concept is intriguing and captures a geeky reader's attention immediately.

In this post-apocalyptic story, the world is under a force of man-made tyranny based on a program controlling weather. A group of hackers introduced a virus into the weather machines and is destroying the world. Only those who went underground are surviving. Harper Mathews is a woman who handles the public relations for a large company run by Arturo Charles Easton, also known as Ace. Harper excels in her computer skills and makes a foolish mistake. It will cost her more than she expects.

The plot of this story is simplistic. The world building is decent. It's the computer virus angle and how the world is still controlled by a nasty group of computer hackers which keeps my attention. I want to learn more about the motives of this group. Why did they create the Tommy Twister virus? What are they gaining and what is their endgame? For these questions to be answered, I'm going to read every book in this series.

The characters in this story are okay. Harper is na´ve and sweet. She's the proverbial geeky good girl who makes a stupid mistake whilst drunk. Ace is the requisite sexy billionaire who is lonely and with a tragic past. From a character building perspective, it's mediocre. Ms. Tate does create two characters who are flawed and help each grow beyond their past. Unfortunately, they didn't do much for me. I didn't feel anything for them.

The sex in this story is a bit too tame for me even if it is initially coerced. The chemistry didn't work for me between the two and whilst I understand this is the main plot device to bring the two together, it fell flat for me. The boring sex can easily be bypassed because the good parts are when Harper and Ace interact outside of their sexual parameters and when they start piecing clues together on the identity of the hackers.

I have my suspicions on who is leading the bad guys, but I need more information to determine why he's doing it. I look forward to the next book which features one of the guys in this club of wealthy heroes. Recommended for readers who enjoy speculative fiction with a touch of dubious-consent.
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Book Review by Evampire (reviewer)
Aug 13, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Harper Matthews did something naughty and now her boss Ace Easton has given her a choice--work on his secret hacker team or face unemployment but that choice also comes with conditions in this tempting futuristic erotic romance.

Ace wants Harper in his bad when, how and where he chooses and the reader can't help but get pulled into the story as Harper provides this ruthless businessman just the opportunity--he needs to get what he wants. The chemistry sizzles from every page with sex scenes that are hot enough to create a firestorm but the relationship will have to get past Ace's walls which causes quite a bit of friction and emotional clashes. The characters are strong, compelling and demand the reader's attention while the fast paced smooth flowing plot tempts reads with suspense, turmoil and passion. The well written scenes capture the imagination and draw the reader in with additional suspense building tension throughout as someone that may or may not have anything to do with the Tommy Twister virus causes some mayhem.

I was completely caught up in this story from the very beginning and The Weathermen promises to be red hot and sexy with an unusual but fascinating concept, interesting elements and intriguing possibilities, although I wish the story had been a little longer because I wasn't quite ready for it to end.
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