The Darkness Calls

Michelle Roth
The Darkness Calls
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Evernight Publishing
Release Date
June 2015
Book 1 of The Transfigured Ones
Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance

When Lilly Ferguson narrowly avoids being mugged after work, she's shocked to find that she's gotten the attention of Talan McKenna. He's the sinfully handsome owner of the Foxwood Casino and Spa where she works. There's only one problem, though...

Talan is one of the Transfigured. Like half a million others across the globe, he possesses a very specific genetic mutation. It leaves him with the inability to age, an aversion to sunlight, and a thirst for human blood. When he learns of her tragic past, he worries that it's an obstacle he'll never be able to overcome.

Despite her heartbreaking history with the Transfigured, Lilly immediately senses that Talan is different. Where her fears once lay, there's only a sense of peace and comfort. Just as they begin to build a love made to last several lifetimes, a shadowy figure from her past emerges and threatens to destroy everything.

Book Review by A Dirty Gurty Girl Reads (author,reviewer)
Jul 01, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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When Lilly gets mugged as she's leaving the casino where she works, Security take her back inside to visit the on-call doc, and the big boss of the casino comes to make sure she's okay. And so, this chance meeting is the start of something special between our hero and heroine.

The story takes us through Lilly's past and how far she's had to come to get exactly where she is today, and Talan's experiences as the Transfigured, a race similar to Vampires, only they're basic genetic mutants.

Okay, that doesn't sound sexy at all. Lol. Genetic mutants? But honestly, Talan rocks it! He's hot, he's sexy, and oh, my God, he's soooo sweet!

Lilly, regardless of her tragic past experiences with The Transfigured, manages to make a go of it with her new lover, Talan, and through the relationship, becomes a stronger woman for it.

The book had strengths and weaknesses, but through it all, Talan's generosity and his gentleness made for such an unusual hero. Accustomed to bad boys and down-and-dirty guys, Talan is a gentleman. A reminder of debonair charm and elegance.

Lilly is one lucky lady!
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