Dangerous Weakness

Caroline Warfield
Dangerous Weakness
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Soul Mate Publishing
Release Date
September 2015
Historical Romance

If women were as easily managed as the affairs of state—or the recalcitrant Ottoman Empire—Richard Hayden, Marquess of Glenaire, would be a happier man. As it was the creatures—one woman in particular—made hash of his well-laid plans and bedeviled him on all sides.
Lily Thornton came home from Saint Petersburg in pursuit of marriage. She wants a husband and a partner, not an overbearing, managing man. She may be "the least likely candidate to be Marchioness of Glenaire," but her problems are her own to fix, even if those problems include both a Russian villain and an interfering Ottoman official.

Given enough facts, Richard can fix anything. But protecting that impossible woman is proving almost as hard as protecting his heart, especially when Lily's problems bring her dangerously close to an Ottoman revolution. As Lily's personal problems entangle with Richard's professional ones, and she pits her will against his, he chases her across the pirate-infested Mediterranean. Will she discover surrender isn't defeat? That might even have its own sweet reward.

Book Review by JJ Smit (reviewer)
Jan 06, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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DANGEROUS WEAKNESS was a great read! I enjoyed this novel from the very first page. The storyline and well-developed characters kept me turning page after page.

Set in the year 1818, DANGEROUS WEAKNESS tells the story of Richard Hayden, Marquess of Glenaire, and Lilias Thornton—aka Lily—a strong spirited woman who knows what she wants. Both Richard and Lily are headstrong characters and too stubborn to admit their feelings for each other. Even though I really liked Richard's strong willed, yet brooding character, it was Lily who stood out for me. I rarely find the lead female character endearing, but I loved Lily with her strong personality and quick-witted comebacks. The way she challenges Richard around every corner, never giving him exactly what he wants makes Lily a very likable character. Caroline Warfield managed to create two characters that have so much chemistry and sexual tension that it just jumps off the pages and grabs you right from the start. The heat level of this novel is exactly as it should be—not too descriptive, but more than enough to bring forth the passion and the attraction between Lily and Richard.

Richard has a duty as future Duke to marry someone who will be socially acceptable, and who carries the approval of his mother. Lily is neither the best choice as a wife, nor is she interested in becoming the wife of a future Duke. All she wants is a respectable husband and to be able to settle down. But she will not be ruled or dictated—especially by the Marquess of Glenaire. Lily wants her own voice, and a husband who cares for her more than his duty to society. Don't they sound like two people who are just imperfectly perfect for each other?

The author manages to spin a gripping storyline filled with so much unexpected twists and turns, throwing Lily and Richard in a web of danger and deceit, that I found myself holding my breath a few times throughout the novel. Not once did I experience a ‘bored moment' while reading DANGEROUS WEAKNESS since nothing is what it seems. When it comes to intrigue and making sure you captivate the reader from the very beginning, Carolyn Warfield did an excellent job.

It is obvious throughout the novel that the author has done her research properly and she describes the setting, the scenes and surroundings perfectly. I am sure that even if you are a first time Historical Romance reader you will find this an easy read and not feel overwhelmed by the intelligent and face paced dialogue between the characters.

DANGEROUS WEAKNESS is an excellent read, well written and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves an intriguing historical romance.
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