Ravon Silvius

Extasy Books
Release Date
September 2013
LGBTQ, Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic

The world of the future is starkly divided. Those with the money to afford it can become Alphas, people with superhuman IQ. The rest? Mundanes, unable to get a job beyond being a mechanic or working in food service, if they can get work at all.

But Nick, a mundane, disagrees with the system, and so does his dangerous friend Riki. Their dream is to build their own machine to raise IQ and give people the equal opportunity they deserve. The penalty for this, however, is death, and it must be done in secret.

Unfortunately, Nick is new to crime, and he meets a handsome man in a bar after a hard day at work. When he finds out Julian is an Alpha, he's nervous, but continues with the flirtation, resulting in a hot couple of nights. When he finds out that Julian is an investigator, he realizes he has put his dream at risk.


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