Spirit Bound

Tessa McFionn
Spirit Bound
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Tessa McFionn
Release Date
October 2015
Book 2 of The Guardians
Paranormal Romance

Sometimes the best intentions have the worst timing as Guardian Warrior Galen Alexiou discovers when his spiritmate reaches for him in a subconscious act of desperation. Rushing in, he saves her from the torturous hands of puppets controlled by Rogue Warrior Stefan de Coldreto. With this mysterious young beauty in his hands, he must learn how his enemies were able to find the female holding his salvation before he did.

When Calliope Vandeen awakens, chained and battered after being abducted, she holds little hope of rescue. Her deliverance arrives first as a seductive voice in her head before taking form as a compassionate angel, swooping in and carrying her to safety. Her confusion grows as her sexy and lethal knight in black leather proves himself to be much more than meets the eye.

As dark and evil forces swirl around them, can they discover the love that will save them?

Book Review by Rachel's Willful Thoughts (reviewer)
Nov 25, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Take the ingredients for a paranormal romance featuring immortals and create the most horrific enemy possible. Mix together with a spunky heroine and you have Tessa McFionn's SPIRIT BOUND, which is the second book in The Guardian series.

The most appealing aspect of this story, aside from a fresh storyline, is the character development. Galen is absolutely perfect as a Guardian, yet he displays a vulnerable side with Callie. Her strength becomes clear within the first part of the story. While some readers may need to skip the details of her imprisonment, the experience serves as a reminder of how evil the enemy is.

The connection between Galen and Callie is simply perfect. There's an incredibly powerful bond between them, also evident between the other Guardian couple from the first book.

The pages detail the fight between good and evil with more than enough action-packed battle scenes. Although it is clear the series will continue, this installment proved to be a steamy yet satisfying read.
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Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Apr 29, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Spiritmates, tortured lovers and good versus evils are all up my alley. Full disclosure, I did not read the first book in this series. This book should probably be read after the first one. Still, it is possible to read this story and catch onto what is going on.

Galen Alexiou is an immortal warrior recruited a couple of thousand years ago to protect humanity and fight the good fight. In all these years, he has never met his spiritmate and figured it would never happen to him. Calliope Vandeen is a college student trying to complete her exams when she is kidnapped, interrogated and then tortured.

The setup of this story is good. The concept is attractive. For those who love Sherilynn Kenyon's Dark-Hunter series, this book may be up your alley. There are similarities with ancient warriors given a second chance. There is also a leader of these warriors who may resemble Acheron a bit, yet speak like one of the brothers in J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood. Perhaps if I have read this book before the other two series, I would have rated this higher.

What would have helped this story more for me is the character building. Calliope starts out strong. She putters out midway. Her irrational behaviour when searching for her roommate goes against her previous logic when under torture. One can argue this is because she is more fearful for those she loves rather than what happens to herself. Then at the end she pulls off an unexpected feat that just throws me for a loop. This inconsistency does not work for me.

Galen's character is just okay. He is a bit bland and unmemorable. I could not really connect to him nor did I care if he died. The chemistry between him and Calliope is missing. Perhaps it is because the criticality of their binding is forced into a contrived miscommunication to add danger which lessens the impact.

This book started out strong and then became a bit mundane due to my lack of engagement with the characters. The world building is generic enough that it becomes a bit forgettable. This story is recommended to those who enjoy romance with soulmate themes.
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