Hologram: The Seduction of Samantha Bowman

Nancy Miller
Hologram: The Seduction of Samantha Bowman
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Nancy Miller
Release Date
June 2013
Book 1 of Hologram
Action/Adventure Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Playing an erotic fantasy game seems just the ticket to put a little sizzle back in Samantha Bowman's life. Samantha escapes to a virtual reality invented by her husband's company, Holotech, where she feels more sexy and desirable than she has in years. She becomes ever involved, unaware she's become the pawn of a clever psychopath with deadly intentions. Swept up in a vortex of circumstances, Samantha goes beyond the edge of reason to a place where she attempts the unimaginable . . .

A fast moving story woven with intrigue and skullduggery, love and second chances that races to the climax and a final clash between good and evil.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Feb 07, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Creepy, sexy and brimming with cringe-worthy insanity, I know you'll be as pleasantly surprised as I was at how incredible this book is!

On the surface, the Bowmans, holographic technology creator Charlie and special education teacher Samantha, are a happily married couple of 23 years. But behind closed doors, Sam escapes into Charlie and his business partners' man-made holographic world of sex. Soon, it's all Sam can think about, and Charlie's unscrupulous business partners Dante and Niles see an opportunity to further their own agenda. Sam becomes obsessed with one actor in particular: Pool Boy. All of her time is spent having faux sex in this faux world. But faux soon turns all too real, and the repercussions will be deadly.

This is a diabolically unsettling read. I honestly didn't expect much from this book, since, despite the rave reviews I read, I judged this book by its cover. I was happily wrong, as this was one sexy, unique and twisted book with characters that made me cringe (*cough* Dante *cough*). I KNOW there are snakes like that out there, but getting inside his head was disturbing, which shows me that Ms. Miller knows what she's doing. Likewise, I couldn't decide how to feel about Sam. I empathized with her wanting out of a dull and loveless marriage, with becoming addicted to something that made her feel young and sexy and desirable again. On the other hand, the woman was whackadoodle!

The secondary storyline is of Lilly, who is a featured dancer for Holotech's x-rated side, and Dante's obsession with her. Dude was CRAY-ZEE! I liked the development of her relationship with Cam and rooted for them. I don't want to give much more information on this book, as I think it's best enjoyed with an open mind and minimal plot details. I'm literally salivating at getting to read the follow up, Hologram: The Provocation of Detective Brooks.

Bottom Line: Get. This. Book. The sex, drugs and deviance is unsettling, and this is one wild read you won't be able to put down.
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