Laurie Keck


Coastal Escape Publishing, LLC
Release Date
January 2016
Book 2 of The Harbor Pack Series
Paranormal Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery, Vamps & Shifters Romance

"We don't always do, or want, what we need. But we will often do what we want. So if it's not what you want, you'll never be completely happy or satisfied."
~ Dana Lock

Dana Lock is an unassuming young woman, who is more comfortable in a lab working with data and mixing test tubes than she is mixing with others. She works diligently behind the scenes of her shifter community's research and affairs department as she quietly assists those of her kind. Miss Lock is a wolf shifter. Never before has Dana considered, or felt a pull, to coexist with humans, until now. She knows everything's about to change.

Chris Alden holds the belief that the earth provides most of what we need and nature can heal and ground one's self. His knowledge of the sage herb has helped soothe and release negativity when his friend Jack was inflicted a decade ago and became a shape shifter. Seeing the complications of Jack's existence following this, Chris wishes to avoid tangling with shifters himself. That is until he becomes smitten with Dana Lock, a woman he would normally shy away from.

She enjoys the same things he does, being a naturalist and a woman of spirit. Conflicted, Chris is unable to justify his attraction to her, and he sees avoidance as his only viable option—unless he decides to take the bite. Never one to act on lust alone, he pushes Dana away.
Despite his best effort, though, he and Dana are thrown together when, as a detective of the Canadie K-9, he investigates a family of murdered shifters and finds himself torn between what he feels he needs and what he wants. It is now up to Dana to find a way to help Chris resolve his inner conflict if she hopes to take claim to him. It is up to her to coax him out of that shell long enough to slide into his heart.

Will Dana be able to convince Chris there are numerous advantages to life as a shifter, in life as a wolf? Or is she willing to lope away herself and create her own destiny elsewhere?


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