Acolyte to Priestess - The Twelve Crimes of Hannah Smith Series

Alp Mortal
Acolyte to Priestess - The Twelve Crimes of Hannah Smith Series

The Carter Seagrove Project LLC
Release Date
February 2016

The Twelve Crimes of Hannah Smith is a series of crime stories, following the stellar fortunes of art thief Hannah Smith.

Acolyte to Priestess contains the first six of Hannah's twelve crimes, each charting the on-the-rise career of arch thief Hannah Smith. All of Hannah's crime stories are free and they can also be read on Alp Mortal's website.

- Hannah got back into the car and drove down the driveway towards the gates, which did not open immediately; she waited. Eventually, they did open and she waved as she drove out; it had been touch and go all along. Her relief in not having to ram the gates and pay out for the damages to the car was palpable ...

Audacious, brilliant and cunning, Hannah may have fallen into thievery but having tasted of the forbidden fruit, no other path offers anything quite as sweet as the chance to alleviate the rich and powerful of their most treasured possessions.

The Twelve Crimes of Hannah Smith, of which Acolyte to Priestess charts the first six, and which Goddess to Infinity charts the second six, are the prequel to the crime trilogy, The Virtue of Dishonesty, which will appear later in 2016.

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