The Big Game- Bethany James: Spirituality and Love

Bethany James
The Big Game- Bethany James: Spirituality and Love


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February 2016
Contemporary Romance

The romantic and pleasurable attributes of life can be explored in this book. The Big Game: Bethany James was written by Bethany Camille James. The writer takes poetic verse and explains a variety of topics like making love for the first time on one's wedding night. Also the poetry book has a spirituality undertone. Spirituality can be visualized as the sensuality expressed in an emotional or physical connection between a man and woman.

This writer wrote about romance, with an undertone of spirituality, because the poet was crafting different love scenarios. Each piece of the book is like a short story about a different aspect of love. From the way one feel in a kitchen whipping up a special dish to the time you fell in love, there is something for each individual reader to relate to. The writer comes from a raw place to creatively illustrate what romance truly is: a wide and diverse experience in life.

The spirituality undertone was expressed by the writer as contemporary haikus, free verses, song writing, and Quatrains. Each piece tells its own story and expresses values of the writer. The writer's personal feelings on controversial subjects such as interracial dating and abstinence shine through and are relatable, yet it is targeted at young adults (18-30). However, spirituality is correlated with sensuality and shows the feels for women and men alike when they are engaging the opposite sex.

This writer was unique in their delivery of the message that love and spirituality was universal. This was expressed in many ways. For example, the writer crafted the theme of the book to be The Big Game to help draw attention to the storyline in the final poem, We Found Love at the Big Game. Additionally, the subjects of the poetry was grouped into sections, by the cover caption, such as sports, recipes, and rapateria verbal beats. This work of fiction is a self-introduction to the author and their views on love in general. Lastly, this is a sample of future volumes
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