An Affair of Honor

Heather Boyd
An Affair of Honor
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LLD Press
Release Date
January 2017
Book 2 of Rebel Hearts
Historical Romance

Unneeded for command of a ship after surviving serious injury, disciplinarian Captain William Ford was ready to face society until he's cornered by a marriage minded miss. He makes a desperate bargain with the maid who saved his life--act the part of a besotted lover in return for financial gain to drive the woman away--only to end up in a very real marriage of convenience with the maid to avoid the scandal of his own making.

When Matilda's plans to marry another end abruptly, she reluctantly agrees to Captain Ford's marriage proposal to protect his sister's marriage prospects with his assurance of an eventual annulment and independence. She soon discovers her husband's desire to guide her with a firm hand stirs a shocking passion in her. Does she dare gift William with her secrets and heart--or admit that his desires match her own when they never intended forever?

Book Review by Gabrielle Sally (author,reviewer)
Aug 04, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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AN AFFAIR OF HONOR by Heather Boyd is a lovely novel set in England's Regency Era…with a bit of creative license. And it's that extra boost of creativity that made the story so enjoyable.

When we first meet Matilda, she has found something in Captain William Ford's bed that…um…well…is a bit disturbing to her. Perhaps a bit confusing. Definitely exciting. Caught red-handed, the good Captain does what any disciplinarian would do; he firmly puts the maid over his knee and metes out a bit of punishment. Not much, mind you. But enough to set them both on the path of eventually, happily ever after.

But before that, the good Captain is injured in a naval battle, is saved by Matilda who refuses to let him die, he coerces Matilda into marrying him (to save his half-sisters' marital prospects), and that's only the beginning.

I really enjoyed the pace of the story. The secondary/tertiary characters were all entertaining and fit well with the storyline. And the development of the relationship between William and Matilda kept the story moving forward. I'll admit to being a bit impatient at times for things to happen faster, but when they finally did, it was worth the wait.

There are so many details about the story that make it charming—from his insistence on choosing what she wears (and why), to the small details about her that he has so observantly filed away (her love of butterflies). This really is a very sweet romance on so many levels.

What takes it over the top are what I imagine to be a Regency version of a D/s relationship and the fact that Matilda, by today's standards, might be considered a bit of a brat, but her motives are purely altruistic. At least, in the beginning.

From a purely romantic perspective, this is a lovely story of a couple from two very different positions in society who come together under not the most honest of circumstances, but whose love for each other blossomed as bright as Matilda's bottom.
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