Guardian's Shadow

Khloe Wren
Guardian's Shadow
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Khloe Wren
Release Date
March 2016
Book 3 of Fire and Snow
Paranormal Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Jessie loves his life as a carefree rally driver, until a chance meeting with a sexy red haired firefighter changes everything. As a Comet Shifter, Jessie's never met another Snow Leopard shifter before finding Kit, the woman who's haunted his dreams for the past five years.
Kit's one tough female. She's been keeping herself busy protecting those she cares for but deep inside she craves her mate. When her path finally crosses with Jessie sparks fly … and they aren't all the good kind!
Just as they begin to get along, Kit's dark secret is revealed, and it's not only Jessie and Kit that will be put to the test in the aftermath.
*Previously released in 2015*

Book Review by LiaL (reviewer)
Feb 02, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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She is tired of waiting for her mate. When she finds him, she doesn't expect him to be reluctant to accept his destiny. He is shocked that he has a mate. He has enjoyed his life as a bachelor and doesn't know if marriage and family are the right choices for him. They both keep their pain hidden. They will have to find a way to heal the wounds of the past if they want a future together. They also will have to face great danger when a hate group finds the community and is determined to eliminate the shifters.

Kit is a snow leopard shifter who was taken in by the alpha's family when she was a teen. She keeps her past a secret even from those she loves. Unlike the male leopard's, she and the other females have to wait for their mates to find them. She enjoys her work with the fire department and is a powerful fighter but it is a lonely life. Kit is very protective of the other people in the community and when danger approaches, she won't flee. Kit is not a very patient person and the wait for her mate has been hard on her. When she meets Jessie and realizes she has found her mate, she doesn't expect him to be reluctant to proceed with a true mating. It really hurts her.

Jessie is a snow leopard who knows little about the community. He was not raised by other shifters. He didn't even know he had a mate or what the dreams meant. He enjoys his lifestyle as a driver and meeting the women who are attracted to the danger. Jessie and Kit are alike in keeping important secrets and these secrets jeopardize their chance for a life together once they meet. He doesn't know how to let her in and if he is able to be the mate she deserves.

This is the third book in the Fire and Snow series which is a paranormal romance series featuring a group of snow leopard shifters finding their mates. The males begin to dream of their mate when their mate reaches adulthood and they must use the information from those dreams to find them. They also have the ability to interact with their mates in their shared dreams. It may take years for them to locate their mate and those years are difficult for them. I do encourage you to read the series in order to get the most enjoyment. Many of the characters continue to be part of the story and the storyline from earlier books is mentioned frequently in other books in the series.

The author creates an interesting history for the snow leopards. They originate as protectors in Tibet. The shifters still incorporate that protective spirit in relation to the community and the people they love. Many work in the fire department to save lives. Unlike most other romances where you usually only get the female and male characters as narrators, this series features multiple members of the community as narrators. Even some of the villains who belong to the hate organization are featured as narrators. I found that it made me feel closer to the characters and I was impressed by the author's ability to weave thru the different narrators without any confusion for the reader.

This addition to the series adds the idea of Comet Shifters and the unique difficulties they face. Unlike the other snow leopards, they do not come from families with other shifters. They suddenly take on their abilities as adolescents much to their own shock and the shock of their families. Both Kit and Jessie suffered greatly when it became known they were shifters. They have kept much of that secret from others. They also don't have the same level of knowledge as others who have grown up with shifters and it complicates their relationship.

As with the other books in the series, there is an action-oriented sub-plot related to the romance. In the previous books, the danger was more localized. In this book, you have a group that is after shifters that show up in the community. They want to kill shifters or use them for their own purposes. The community is not used to being in danger and this really changes their lives. There are terrible losses and fear throughout the community. They are used to being protectors and not being the hunted.

The Fire and Snow series is an excellent paranormal series that offers a great balance of action and romance. The author has many of the characters in the story narrate at points which makes you feel closer to them and more immersed into the story. I highly recommend you read the series in order to get the most enjoyment. Once you discover the series, you will want to read them all.
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