A Helluva Holiday

Jerrie Alexander
A Helluva Holiday
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Jerrie Alexander
Release Date
October 2016
Book 6 of Lost and Found, Inc.
Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Nate Wolfe places the Lost and Found, Inc. team's Christmas reunion on hold when a Navy buddy needs help.

Clay Hudson and Carol Penny have loved each other since high school. Time and circumstances placed them far apart over the years but now they're back home, during the worst cold weather Eden Rock, Texas has ever experienced. Clay's a successful vet and Carol's just been fired from her TV anchor job. She's come home to help her sister sell the family horse ranch, but when she discovers the buyer is actually a Mexican drug lord, she changes her mind.

The cartel won't take no for an answer, so Clay steps in to protect Carol, and calls in his old friend from Lost and Found, Inc. The team will fight freezing weather, a freak snowstorm, and a ruthless killer to discover why this piece of property so important. Can the Lost and Found team unravel this puzzle in time to be home for the holiday? Will Carol and Clay learn old love can be new again?

Book Review by Nadene R (reviewer)
Jan 06, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A HELLUVA HOLIDAY by Jerrie Alexander is a short holiday read, featuring the members of Lost and Found Inc. In this installment, the members come together during the Christmas season to assist Clay Hudson, a lifelong friend of Nate Wolfe. Clay sought Nate's help because the woman he loved and her sister had unwittingly engaged in a business deal with the notorious drug lord Carlos Vega.

For a short read, character development was good. I was able to establish a connection with Clay and Carol. It was fun watching their interaction. I was glad to see them coming to terms with their feelings and accepting that they truly belong together.

This installment packed a punch for such a short story. It was no less than what I had come to expect from the author. There was action, mystery, and romance. It was a page turner that kept me on the edge of my seat, that was until I got blindsided by the manner in which the story was wrapped up.

The ending was disappointing, to say the least. After such a buildup I was expecting a lot more. Instead, I was left hanging. There were issues surrounding the investigation that had not been resolved, which left me with more questions than answers.


The story had the potential to be a five-star read, but due to the issues mentioned it fell short. Overall, it was not a bad read, the plot just needed some tightening up. It leaves one to assume that the author was in a rush to meet a deadline and not much attention was given to the ending.

If you are looking fun and short read and don't mind the issues mentioned, then you will enjoy A HELLUVA HOLIDAY.
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