The Misfortune of Lady Lucianna

Christina McKnight
The Misfortune of Lady Lucianna
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La Loma Elite
Release Date
June 2017
Book 2 of The Undaunted Debutantes
Historical Romance

Quick-witted hellion Lucianna Constantine has no doubt who was responsible for the death of her dear friend. And she will stop at nothing to expose his transgressions—and those of every despicable man in London. Lucianna has witnessed the cruelty of London's beau monde her entire life…starting with her own father. So she is more than willing to singlehandedly take down every vile man that crosses her path.

Roderick Crofton, the Duke of Montrose, had his entire family fortune stolen when his father trusted the wrong men. After a scandalous article surfaces in the London Daily Gazette, written by the notorious Mayfair Confidential columnist, Roderick finds himself financially destitute, without a betrothed, and lacking the means to find the lords responsible for duping his sire. With little option left, Roderick has only one choice: find another wealthy heiress to wed. His quest brings him to Lady Lucianna Constantine, and soon, he can't deny that he wants her for more than just her dowry.

However, Luci has secrets that could change everything. And when Roderick uncovers what those confidences entail, it could mean misfortune for all involved.

Book Review by Blue (reviewer)
Aug 11, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Lady Lucianna is convinced that her dear friend, Tilda, was murdered on her wedding day. What's more, Lucianna knows that Tilda's new husband, the Duke of Abercorn, was the one who pushed her down the stairs. She is the only person to catch a fleeting glimpse of the accident (or murder?) but she has no proof, and only her two best friends believe her. These three ladies are determined to find proof of Abercorn's guilt, and in the process, have become secret reporters, who expose the cheating and wrongdoings of the ton's gentlemen.

Lucianna is a very angry, outspoken woman, who strikes me as having a chip on her shoulder. She actually finds pleasure in the gossip she reports, and enjoys watching the fallout. When she reports that Roderick Crofton, Duke of Montrose, attended the opera, accompanied by a lady who was not his fiancée, she causes him to be jilted. Unfortunately, that meeting was totally innocent, but Roderick's now former-fiancée chose to believe it. Roderick now is in a very precarious financial situation as his marriage was to have brought a large dowry to help bring the dukedom back on more solid footing after Roderick's father incurred severe losses.

Roderick is determined to find out who's behind the gossip, and, if nothing else, at least give him/her a piece of his mind. When he meets Lucianna, he's very attracted to her forthrightness and feistiness. Lucianna is pleasantly surprised at being appreciated for just being herself. She and Roderick soon share a friendship, then confidences, then a romance. I really loved seeing Lucianna soften when she is in Roderick's presence, as it seems that he just brings out a calmer and more balanced part of her. They begin to make plans to marry, and the future is looking bright, until Lucianna's father declares that he has arranged for her to marry none other than the Duke of Abercorn, the man Lucianna is convinced is a murderer.

I enjoyed this Book Two of the Undaunted Debutantes trilogy, which can be read without having read the first book, as there is a recap of events at the beginning. The three friends still went to drastic extremes to try to prove Abercorn's guilt, sometimes going a little over the top, but the mystery is definitely holding my interest. Was there really a murder? How can it be proven with no other witnesses? I can hardly wait for Book Three, where I will finally have all my questions answered.
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