Her Spy at Dawn

Paula Altenburg
Her Spy at Dawn


Paula Altenburg
Release Date
April 2017
Book 4 of Spy Games
Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

It's a high-rolling game.

Intelligence officer Dan Hanson once made a decision that cost him his best friend's life and taught a valuable lesson about following orders without question. He now has a well-deserved reputation for calmness under pressure and the unwavering loyalty of his team.

When Dan is asked to work with a government police investigator to bring down a corrupt politician, he doesn't hesitate. However, when the sexy investigator turns out to be the love of his life—and his dead best friend's ex-fiancé—he second guesses the past decisions he's made.

Police investigator Alycia Evers has loved and lost. Twice. And if the past has taught her anything, it's that life is short, it isn't always fair, and she should rely on no one but herself. Being handed a case the Department of Justice believes can't be won is a challenge she's eager to accept, but the discovery she'll have to work with the man who once broke her heart means the stakes are dangerously high.

Dan's hiding secrets he can no longer keep and Alycia's not sure she can face. He's never stopped loving her. She has no intentions of loving again. When the sparks between them reignite, turning into an inferno of epic proportions, can they learn to forgive and forget and look to the future, not the past?


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