Branded with a Kiss

Paula Altenburg
Branded with a Kiss


Tule Publishing
Release Date
September 2017
Book 2 of The Sweetheart Brand
Contemporary Romance

Patterson Campbell has a "love 'em and leave 'em" philosophy when it comes to women. He's never given anyone a reason to believe he's after more than a good time. That is, until he sees Alayna Brand across the room.

A bold, outgoing cowboy is exactly what shy, introverted Alayna needs to bring her out of her shell. But after an unforgettable night ends up being memorable for all the wrong reasons, Patterson has to prove that he's much more than just a good time if he wants to capture her heart.

When Alayna and Patterson find themselves working together, Alayna realizes that moving on from that night might not be as easy as she thought. And Patterson? He discovers reputations are sometimes hard to live down.

Book Review by Robin Leigh Morgan (author,reviewer)
Jan 25, 2018
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What is a heretofore town playboy, Patterson Campbell, to do when he needs to do when his reputation still plagues him. People still look at him at only looking at women for nothing more than a good time [in bed]. However, playboys know they can't go on forever, because with age comes a new way of seeing things, especially where women are concerned, and this guy's no exception.

So, whose better to totally change this extroverted cowboy way of thinking than a shy, introverted and still a virgin woman named Alayna.

If you've ever been in a one-night stand, you know how unforgettable they can be; unforgettable, yes, but for the inappropriate reasons. Reasons for which Alayna finds haunting her and hindering her ability to move on with her; and for Patterson needing to prove to both Alayna and himself, that night had been far more since she had stolen his heart like no other woman has ever done before.

A year later, with this night still fresh in their memories, Alayna has returned to town and is now on Patterson's range and working for him. If a true love experience is one which is hard if not impossible to get rid of, then he would be a perfect example of it, for he's still strong-minded to see her. However, at the same time, she's wants him to remain a mere memory from her past. Yet, despite these differences, they unexpectedly wound up loving in love with each other even though each one feels the other is the most aggravating individual they know.
I love stories where the two protagonists find they need each other more than what is trying to keep them apart. So, via la difference; which is why I've given Ms. Altenburg 5 STARS.
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