The Decline and Fall of Rowland Graves

Eris Adderly
The Decline and Fall of Rowland Graves

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October 2015
Book 2 of The Skull & Crossbone Romances
Erotic Romance, Historical Romance, Horror Romance

A tragic love story to haunt your dreams.

Just how does a man become a monster? No one is born evil. Are they?

The young Doctor Rowland Graves loves Elinor Barlow with an unreasonable passion. She makes him whole; smooths down his jagged edges. Once he asks her father for her hand in marriage, their need for secrecy will come to its blessed end and their new life can begin.

The announcement by Abraham Barlow, however, of Elinor's engagement to another man casts quite the pall over Rowland's plans. And that becomes merely the first disaster. Schemes form inside schemes as Rowland struggles to thwart a hopeless fate. But the blackness, grasping and coiling from those corners of his mind he prefers to ignore, whispers terrible promises of reward, if only he opens the door.

Described as "chilling", "darkly erotic", and "beautifully macabre", The Decline and Fall of Rowland Graves is a Gothic horror novella crafted to satisfy the morbid curiosity of fans of The Devil's Luck about the villainous surgeon's past. But don't worry! Rowland Graves stands on its own—you can enjoy all the lust and lurid details without feeling like you're missing part of the plot.

Note: This story contains graphic descriptions of sexual activity and some violence, and does not have an HEA ending. Recommended for mature fans of the horror genre only.


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